High Seas and Fallen Stars

Session 9

Characters: Argis Reed, Eoghan Smyth, Hoary Halfwell, Lucius Savoyard, Octavian di Raperazzi, Rotgut.

NPCs: Jezgar Skentzin, Seawolf pirates of Umberlee’s Get, Mr. Roadsen, Tonara, Crew of Fearless Strumpet, Mr. Boggs, Razor Charlie, Sheamus Carran, Teldar, Thorund.

Booty: Phoenix Tricorn, Fortune Hat, offer by Teldar to repair the current damage to Fearless Strumpet.

Dates: Midday of 10 Kythorn 1358 to Midday of 12 Kythorn 1358

The Last Leg

  • The engagement between Umberlee’s Get and Fearless Strumpet lasted through the remainder of 10 Kythorn.
  • By sunset of 11 Kythorn, the shimmer of Immurk’s Hold’s seawall could be seen in the distance.
  • With both ship’s sails and rigging shredded from the exchange of fire, the crews were now below deck, rowing despite their exhaustion.
  • As the two ships rapidly approached the great seagate, the Horn of Greyrock Fortress, bellowed twice. One for friends approaching, two for enemies.
  • The harbor chain lowered beneath the waterline as Strumpet passed through the seawall.
  • Moments later, four stentorian blasts knocked every many to the ground in a deafened state.
  • Just outside the seawall, Umberlee’s Get erupted into a fireball and was utterly annihilated.

Home Sweet Habor: Phoenix and Fortune

  • After regaining their composure, the crew steered Fearless Strumpet safely to pier and debarked.
  • Pirates from all over Immurk’s Hold gathered to view the fiery patch of water and multicolored smoke billowing out of four points from Greyrock Fortress; the air reeking of surfur.
  • Waiting at the end of pier 13 was Harbormaster Mr. Boggs, several harbormen, and the sinewy Razor Charlie, armed with his usual wide smile.
  • Razor Charlie extends Teldar’s request that the Party dine with him at Greyrock Fortress later that evening.
  • Hoary gets a hot bath and a stiff drink at a whorehouse.
  • Eoghan recognizes the whorehouse operator, a sun-shriveled prune of an ex-pirate to have a fantastic hat, the Phoenix Tricorn previously worn by another pirate before the Summer Storm (likely separated from it’s former owner in the Storm).
  • Eoghan accuses the man of stealing the hat from him and then takes it after a brief attempt by the ex-pirate to defend himself.
  • While passing through an ally near a raucous tavern, Octavian finds a pirate piss drunk and passed out wearing a hat of extravagant make (The Fortune Hat).; his pet spider monkey attempting to wake him up jumping on his chest).
  • Octavian trades the drunken pirate’s pet spider monkey a small bottle of Rotgut Rum for the hat and heads back to pier 13.

Dinner at Greyrock Fortress

  • The evening of 11 Kythorn 1358, the party dine at a feast in Greyrock Fortress provided by Teldar.
  • Notable individuals attending the feast are: Thorund, Razor Charlie, and Captain Sheamus Carran.
  • The party dine on a multicourse feast prepared by Teldar’s personal chef (a captive from King Obarskyr IV’s court).
  • After the meal, Argis Reed sings a stirring sea shanty atop a table to the great amusement of all attendees.
  • Teldar and the Party discuss recent events in a grandly furnished private room inside Greyrock Fortress.
  • Teldar shows the party the four Thayvian Bombards on the roof and Argis Reed notes that one bears the name of Shashi, and another the name of Eshcaz.
  • Teldar and Thorund inform the party of their need to accquire glass and mirror to repair the lighthouse.
  • Teldar offers the Party a seat on the Hurricane Court if they complete the following tasks:
    – Acquire the great panes of glass and mirror necessary to repair Immurk’s Beacon from the ruins of Ghol-gan on Ilthan.
    – Pirate enough booty to throw a lavish feast for the other Pirate Lords.
    – Host the feast on Ilthan (after they have “tamed” the local cyclopses).
  • Teldar offers to pay for repairs to the Strumpet as a sign of good faith, and also thanks for the party’s actions in stopping the spread of Filth Fever through Immurk’s Hold.

Decisions Aboard Fearless Strumpet

  • After parting from the hospitality of Teldar at Greyrock Fortress, the party find lodging at the Oarsman and rest until the late morning of 12 Kythorn 1358.
  • The party rise and return to Fearless Strumpet to find the crew preparing for a vote to determine the new captain.
  • After several hours of drinking, argument, and fisticuffs, the personal tokens of each pirate count to a majority in the hat of the bosun Tonara.
  • Captain Tonara of Fearless Strumpet names Eoghan Smyth the new Bosun and Argis Reed the new coxwain.
  • Tonara and the crew proceed to make repairs to the Strumpet over the remaining day.

Rumor Updates

  • The Isle of Empty Eyes
    Teldar offered the party a seat on the Hurricane Court if they sail to Ilthan, tame the local cyclopses, acquire enough large glass panes and mirrors to fix Immurk’s Beacon, and host a lavish feast fit for kings on Ilthan for all the Pirate Lords of the Hurricane Court.
  • The Reaving Seawolf In Exile: COMPLETE
    – Under the command of Vurgrom, the Pirate Lord of Telfar, Jezgar Skentzin, and Umberlee’s Get have been hunting Cecil Thompkins and the crew of Fearless Strumpet; around the Pirate Isles since the slaying of Brightmaw.
    9 Kythorn 1358: Jezgar and his crew laid a trap to kill Captain Thompkins and sink Fearless Strumpet at Fang Rocks after apparently being alerted by Vurgrom that Cecil would be headed there despite Thompkin’s secrecy.
    10 Kythorn 1358: During an engagement south of Fang Rocks, Captain Thompkins was forced overboard by an overwhelming force of seawolves and is presumed dead.
    11 Kythorn 1358: Jezgar and the crew of Umberlee’s Get were utterly annhihilated in a fireball by the thundering blasts of all four of the Draconic Thayvian Bombards atop Greyrock Fortress as they pursued Fearless Strumpet too close to the seawall of Immurk’s Hold.



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