High Seas and Fallen Stars

Session 9

Characters: Argis Reed, Eoghan Smyth, Hoary Halfwell, Lucius Savoyard, Octavian di Raperazzi, Rotgut.

NPCs: Jezgar Skentzin, Seawolf pirates of Umberlee’s Get, Mr. Roadsen, Tonara, Crew of Fearless Strumpet, Mr. Boggs, Razor Charlie, Sheamus Carran, Teldar, Thorund.

Booty: Phoenix Tricorn, Fortune Hat, offer by Teldar to repair the current damage to Fearless Strumpet.

Dates: Midday of 10 Kythorn 1358 to Midday of 12 Kythorn 1358

The Last Leg

  • The engagement between Umberlee’s Get and Fearless Strumpet lasted through the remainder of 10 Kythorn.
  • By sunset of 11 Kythorn, the shimmer of Immurk’s Hold’s seawall could be seen in the distance.
  • With both ship’s sails and rigging shredded from the exchange of fire, the crews were now below deck, rowing despite their exhaustion.
  • As the two ships rapidly approached the great seagate, the Horn of Greyrock Fortress, bellowed twice. One for friends approaching, two for enemies.
  • The harbor chain lowered beneath the waterline as Strumpet passed through the seawall.
  • Moments later, four stentorian blasts knocked every many to the ground in a deafened state.
  • Just outside the seawall, Umberlee’s Get erupted into a fireball and was utterly annihilated.

Home Sweet Habor: Phoenix and Fortune

  • After regaining their composure, the crew steered Fearless Strumpet safely to pier and debarked.
  • Pirates from all over Immurk’s Hold gathered to view the fiery patch of water and multicolored smoke billowing out of four points from Greyrock Fortress; the air reeking of surfur.
  • Waiting at the end of pier 13 was Harbormaster Mr. Boggs, several harbormen, and the sinewy Razor Charlie, armed with his usual wide smile.
  • Razor Charlie extends Teldar’s request that the Party dine with him at Greyrock Fortress later that evening.
  • Hoary gets a hot bath and a stiff drink at a whorehouse.
  • Eoghan recognizes the whorehouse operator, a sun-shriveled prune of an ex-pirate to have a fantastic hat, the Phoenix Tricorn previously worn by another pirate before the Summer Storm (likely separated from it’s former owner in the Storm).
  • Eoghan accuses the man of stealing the hat from him and then takes it after a brief attempt by the ex-pirate to defend himself.
  • While passing through an ally near a raucous tavern, Octavian finds a pirate piss drunk and passed out wearing a hat of extravagant make (The Fortune Hat).; his pet spider monkey attempting to wake him up jumping on his chest).
  • Octavian trades the drunken pirate’s pet spider monkey a small bottle of Rotgut Rum for the hat and heads back to pier 13.

Dinner at Greyrock Fortress

  • The evening of 11 Kythorn 1358, the party dine at a feast in Greyrock Fortress provided by Teldar.
  • Notable individuals attending the feast are: Thorund, Razor Charlie, and Captain Sheamus Carran.
  • The party dine on a multicourse feast prepared by Teldar’s personal chef (a captive from King Obarskyr IV’s court).
  • After the meal, Argis Reed sings a stirring sea shanty atop a table to the great amusement of all attendees.
  • Teldar and the Party discuss recent events in a grandly furnished private room inside Greyrock Fortress.
  • Teldar shows the party the four Thayvian Bombards on the roof and Argis Reed notes that one bears the name of Shashi, and another the name of Eshcaz.
  • Teldar and Thorund inform the party of their need to accquire glass and mirror to repair the lighthouse.
  • Teldar offers the Party a seat on the Hurricane Court if they complete the following tasks:
    – Acquire the great panes of glass and mirror necessary to repair Immurk’s Beacon from the ruins of Ghol-gan on Ilthan.
    – Pirate enough booty to throw a lavish feast for the other Pirate Lords.
    – Host the feast on Ilthan (after they have “tamed” the local cyclopses).
  • Teldar offers to pay for repairs to the Strumpet as a sign of good faith, and also thanks for the party’s actions in stopping the spread of Filth Fever through Immurk’s Hold.

Decisions Aboard Fearless Strumpet

  • After parting from the hospitality of Teldar at Greyrock Fortress, the party find lodging at the Oarsman and rest until the late morning of 12 Kythorn 1358.
  • The party rise and return to Fearless Strumpet to find the crew preparing for a vote to determine the new captain.
  • After several hours of drinking, argument, and fisticuffs, the personal tokens of each pirate count to a majority in the hat of the bosun Tonara.
  • Captain Tonara of Fearless Strumpet names Eoghan Smyth the new Bosun and Argis Reed the new coxwain.
  • Tonara and the crew proceed to make repairs to the Strumpet over the remaining day.

Rumor Updates

  • The Isle of Empty Eyes
    Teldar offered the party a seat on the Hurricane Court if they sail to Ilthan, tame the local cyclopses, acquire enough large glass panes and mirrors to fix Immurk’s Beacon, and host a lavish feast fit for kings on Ilthan for all the Pirate Lords of the Hurricane Court.
  • The Reaving Seawolf In Exile: COMPLETE
    – Under the command of Vurgrom, the Pirate Lord of Telfar, Jezgar Skentzin, and Umberlee’s Get have been hunting Cecil Thompkins and the crew of Fearless Strumpet; around the Pirate Isles since the slaying of Brightmaw.
    9 Kythorn 1358: Jezgar and his crew laid a trap to kill Captain Thompkins and sink Fearless Strumpet at Fang Rocks after apparently being alerted by Vurgrom that Cecil would be headed there despite Thompkin’s secrecy.
    10 Kythorn 1358: During an engagement south of Fang Rocks, Captain Thompkins was forced overboard by an overwhelming force of seawolves and is presumed dead.
    11 Kythorn 1358: Jezgar and the crew of Umberlee’s Get were utterly annhihilated in a fireball by the thundering blasts of all four of the Draconic Thayvian Bombards atop Greyrock Fortress as they pursued Fearless Strumpet too close to the seawall of Immurk’s Hold.
Session 8

Characters: Lucius Savoyard, Eoghan Smyth, Octavian di Raperazzi, Hoary Halfwell, Vincent Demetrius, Rotgut, Horus.

NPCs: Jezgar Skentzin, Seawolf pirates of Umberlee’s Get, Cecil Thompkins, Mr. Roadsen, Crew of Fearless Strumpet, Fire Coral, 4 Reef Sharks, 2 “shipwrecked” seawolves.

Booty: Empty lead strongbox, Note.

Dates: Evening of 7 Kythorn 1358 to Midday of 10 Kythorn 1358

In Search of Fangs

  • The crew of Fearless Strumpet debark from the pier on a starless night as Immurk’s Harbor remains filled with broken debris, bodies, and sharks.
  • Vincent casts Light upon Horus whom flies ahead of the ship; this helps Strumpet avoid a number of breakrocks within Immurk’s Harbor.
  • Once safely out at sea, the crew set sail northwest for the Fang Rocks according to the navigational chart prepared by Vincent and Eoghan.
  • Strumpet sails with the wind in her sails for the remainder of the night and two more days of clear skies.
  • Arriving at the southron tip of the Fang Rocks in the evening of 9 Kythorn 1358, the crew find the Fangs covered in a thick bank of fog.
  • Captain Thompkins orders the ship’s pinnace, launch, and gig to be prepared to depart into the Fang Rocks at dawn.

The Empty Box

  • On dawn of 9 Kythorn 1358, the party set off in the pinnace under orders from Captain Thompkins to find a lead strongbox and return it to him on the ship immediately without attempting to open it.
  • The party spend the majority of the day burning in the hot sun, avoiding the hazards of the jagged rocks, shifting water levels in the reef, and poisonous Fire Coral.
  • By sunset of that day the party discover two shipwrecked pirates near death on a jagged rock and rescue them by braving the dangerous rocks, and narrowly avoiding a pack of Reef Sharks.
  • On a sandbar somewhat near the two shipwrecked pirates, the party discover a buried lead strongbox.
  • The party is welcomed back to the ship as heroes and celebrate with the crew with rum and song.
  • The festivities are interrupted by a wailing scream from Captain Thompkin’s quarters.
  • Captain Thompkins emerges and explains to the crew that Vurgrom and Zensil have played them for fools and sent them to die in the Fang Rocks searching for something which isn’t there.
  • Thompkins shows the party the lead strongbox’s only content, a Note.

Bloody Seawolves

  • Shortly thereafter, the cabin boy Little Stevie raises the alarm from the crow’s nest of an enemy caravel closing quickly on their position from the southwest: Umberlee’s Get, captained by the bloody seadog Jezgar Skentzin.
  • Captain Thompkins gives the orders to evade Umberlee’s Get by sailing into the rising fog bank to the west, a course dangerously close to the Fang Rocks.
  • Ship’s Maestor Vincent casts a series of false lights, mimicking those of the Strumpet and diverts them further into the Fang Rocks.
  • Strumpet kills it’s own lights and emerges from the fog bank southwest of Umberlee’s Get forcing the enemy caravel to turn-about and pursue from behind.
  • Captain Thompkins orders Strumpet to set sail for the safety of Immurk’s Hold, a 2 day journey with one full day tacking against the wind.
  • Through the night the crew tirelessly sail as the ship tacks against the northwesterly winds with Umberlee’s Get in pursuit.
  • Vincent summons two dolphins and magically lashes them with rope to help pull the ship and give the crew opportunity for rest.
  • During the night the two sailors the party rescued shift into Seawolf form, slip their manacles, and disable the ship’s tiller forcing the ship to lose precious separation from Umberlee’s Get.
  • The party discover and kill both seawolves but repairs to the tiller take time the Strumpet no longer had.
  • By dawn, even with Strumpets tiller repaired, Umberlee’s Get had made up the distance and engaged in a fierce boarding action.
  • Thompkins ordered the crew to maintain as many sailors at ready as possible and to prevent the enemy from boarding so that they could debark once the ship’s were separated.
  • The Party fearlessly defended Strumpet from the gunwales, forcastle, and sterncastle sending numerous Seawolves falling to the waters below.
  • Both ships took damage to their rigging and sails from chainshot and shrapnel; however Strumpet finally managed to separate from Umberlee’s Get.
  • As the ships were parting, Thompkins was rushed by a group of at least 8 seawolves and was seen toppling overboard into the sea.
  • Without an option to rescue their fearless Captain, the crew of Strumpet sailed on toward Immurk’s Hold, still being pursued by Umberlee’s Get.

Rumor Updates

  • The Mysterious Quest of Cecil Thompkins
    – After slaying Brightmaw, Vurgrom got a fresh tattoo depicting a location in the Fang Rocks and returned to Immurk’s Hold.
    – Vurgrom also sent a command to Jezgar Skentzin aboard Umberlee’s Get that they were to kill Captain Thompkins and the crew of Fearless Strumpet somwhere near the Fang Rocks.
    – At Immurk’s Hold, Vurgrom allowed Cecil Thompkin’s maestor, Vincent Demetrius to sketch it during a mock bare-chested fist-fight started by Thompkins.
    – Thompkins, knowing that Vurgrom records the locations of his treasures in tattoo, set off in haste to the Fang Rocks to find a lost treasure buried by Vurgrom after Brightmaw’s slaying.
    – However, Captain Thompkins and Fearless Strumpet sailed into a trap at the Fang Rocks as they came under attack by the waiting Seawolves.
    – Captain Thompkins was last seen toppling overboard in a grapple with 8 seawolves somewhere south of the Fang Rocks.
    – The only thing Thompkins ever told his crew of the item he was seeking was that it was an object of immense power which in the wrong hands could spell disaster for the fate of the entire Inner Sea.
Session 7

Characters: Lucius Savoyard, Argis Reed, Eoghan Smyth, Octavian di Raperazzi, Vincent Demetrius, Horus, Rotgut.

NPCs: Cecil Thompkins, Mr. Roadsen, Mr. Boggs, Nerine, Razor Charlie, Tonara, Thorund, Godwin.

Booty: 15 SP, Pair of hammered brass cups (10 gp), Cutlass, Vial of alchemist’s fire, Bottle of Dragonbite Bitter Ale (15 GP), Bottle of Frenzywater (15 GP), 2 Bottles of Pulsch brown ale (8 GP each), Bottle of wine (2 GP), Cask of rotgut moonshine (5 SP).

Dates: Dawn of 6 Kythorn 1358 to Evening of 7 Kythorn 1358.

  • After the cataclysmic storm ended, with stars falling from the sky to the seas and lands beyond; reality slowly began to take form again around Immurk’s Hold.
  • The party notice that the light from the Immurk’s Beacon was no longer shining after the storm.
  • They also learn that the cathedral under construction at the shore of Immurk’s Hold was undamaged by the terrible storm despite it’s seaside location.
  • Their stomach’s growling, the party pay a survivor for some mysterious roasted fatty meat, which later they realize is a chunk of flesh and blubber torn away from Brightmaw by the ferocious winds.
  • The party descend back down into Immurk’s Harbor and walk up to the new seaside cathedral: Brightmaw Hall.
  • Inside, they find almost a hundred Untaken, laboring on the cathedral in their blue sashes, tunics, or other garments under the supervision of several Undrowned in roughspun blue-green robes.
  • Guarding Brightmaw Hall are at least 30 to 40 Tridents in masterfully crafted scale mail.
  • The party travel to the back of the cathedral to observe a Drowning ceremony at the end of the daily low-tide prayer.
  • Argis Reed leaves Brightmaw Hall immediately and begins professing the great deeds of Shashi and the terrible dangers of Eshcaz gathering a crowd of interested onlookers.
  • Inside, Nerine, the Dread High Trident of Immurk’s Hold, introduces herself to the party and offers any service she can to protect them.
  • The party rather politely refuse her blessings as one of the acolytes dies and is pushed into the harbor to join Umberlee’s service. The other man survives and is clothed in blue-green roughspun of an Undrowned.
  • At the sight of a newly drown man, Lucius Savoyard leaps into the harbor; however the man is consumed by a pack of massive sharks, and lucius quickly flees back to the temple.
  • The waters of Immurk’s Harbor are now infested by massive sharks; lured by the dead men and debris following the storm, as well as the rotting flesh of Brightmaw.
  • Lucius is congratulated by the priests and servants of Umberlee for his act of bravery in the face of such danger.
  • As the party leave Lucius swears to Valkur under his breath that this place will be in the name of Valkur some day.
  • The party then investigate the lighthouse known as Immurk’s Beacon, finding the door unlocked, and the small one room cottage occupied by only the corpse of the former lighthouse keeper Godwin, and his loyal blue macaw Rotgut
  • Rotgut‘s squaks alert the party to possible foul play "You won’t get away with this", “You cocksucker”, “What are you doing?” “Who are you?”.
  • The party discover that the lighthouse keeper was poisoned by a guest while drinking together at a small table in the cottage.
  • At the top of the lighthouse, the party discover that it was destroyed from within by a sonic blast of some sort.
  • Vincent uses his alchemical knowledge to re-light a basic fire; however without advanced glass and metallurgical craftmanship, the lighthouse will be all but functionless.
  • In the early afternoon, the party report back for ship duty at Fearless Strumpet and receive orders from Mr. Roadsen.
  • Over the next two days the party labor hard with the rest of the crew to get the ship into prime condition to sail again.
  • Vincent and Lucius heal the crewmembers wounded by the storm.
  • Eoghan and Vincent plot a course to the Fang Rocks, and Eoghan predicts at least 6 days of warm weather with fair north by east winds and no precipitation.
  • Although only 30 miles as the crow flies from Immurk’s Hold to the southern tip of the Fangs; by ship along Dragonisle’s coast it will be 65 miles; a journey which will take the Strumpet about 32 hours of sailing.
  • Once into the Fang Rocks however; their course will depend on the intuition of Cecil Thompkins and take an undetermined amount of time due to the incredibly dangerous sailing within the Fangs.
  • Eoghan and Argis repair the rigging and sails with Tonara.
  • Argis assists master carpenter “Chips” with caulking the ship and pumping out bilge water all while inspiring the crew with heroic tales of dragons and man.
  • Lucius briefly visits a shrine to Gond only to learn that the Craftmaster, Thorund lives at Greyrock Fortress.
  • Lucius meets up with Octavian in line to see Teldar at the greathall.
  • Lucius and Octavian bribe the guards with a bottle of Pulsch brown ale and get a private visitation with Quartermaster Thorund himself.
  • Octavian and Lucius carouse with the Quartermaster and drink a bottle of Dragonbitter ale.
  • After much drinking, bribery, and sqauking curses by Rotgut, the Quartermaster agrees to sell the group all of the necessary supplies they need to get Fearless Strumpet ready for a long sail.
  • Later that night Argis and Octavian return with hand carts and deal with Teldar’s suspicious, cruel, and dangerous strongman, Razor Charlie who allows them to part with their goods after an additional 10% supervisory fee.
  • With all of the ship’s supplies safely onboard, and the crew asleep, Vincent takes watch.
  • Vincent catches a thief in an attempt to steal the newly acquired goods from the ship’s main deck with a Light spell.
  • The thief runs away empty-handed, but the goods remain safe.
  • All throughout the next day and well into the evening, the Strumpet’s crew labor hard to finish the work.
  • At the end of the day, Cecil Thompkins himself makes an appearance on the ship and gives a rousing, but confusing speech stating that the they are about to set off on a journey which will take them into the jaws of death, but with the chance of the greatest single treasure of them all.
  • Captain Thompkins orders the ship to leave at once, to the dismay of a number of the crew due to the unvaroavable conditions (night, without a functioning lighthouse, in a harbor filled with debris and massive sharks).
  • Octavian convinces the Harbormaster Mr. Boggs, a man whom hates Thompkins and Mr. Roadsen to lift the harbor chain.

Rumor Updates:

  • The Mysterious Quest of Cecil Thompkins
    – Cecil Thompkins ordered Vincent Demetrius to sketch one of Vurgrom’s freshest tattoos after returning from the slaying of Brightmaw. Vincent’s Sketch, a map apparently leading to some location within the Fang Rocks apparently leads to some great treasure beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, at least Cecil Thompkins thinks so.
  • The Dead Lighthouse Keeper
    – During the Storm of Fallen Stars, the lighthouse keeper of Immurk’s Hold Harbor was poisoned. It appears the top of the lighthouse was destroyed by a sonic blast from within during the storm.
  • The Slaying of the Sun-Eater
    - Vurgrom the Mighty slayed Brightmaw, towed the body to Immurk’s Hold, and it is being used for construction of Brightmaw Hall, a great cathedral to Umberlee by Dread High Trident Nerine, a recent ally of Vurgrom’s.
Session 6

Characters: Lucius Savoyard, Octavian di Raperazzi, Argis Reed, Hoary Halfwell.

NPCs: 3 Dire Rats, 2 Wererats, 1 Otyough, Ussax.


  • Coins: 12,800 SP, 1600 GP.
  • Goods: Steel pledge badge for Teldar (10 GP), 4 pairs of sealskin boots (10 GP each), Granite dice (10 GP), 2 Freshwater pearls (10 GP), Carved whalebone dirk (50 GP), Pair of bronze bracers (100 GP)
  • Items: Masterwork composite longbow (+1 STR), Leather armor, Potion of cure light wounds, Potion of lesser vigor, Scroll of cure moderate wounds (D), Scroll of Identify (A), Scroll of rope trick (A), Scroll of earthbind (D), Scroll of lesser restoration (D), Wand of magic missile (CL 1st, 10 charges), 2 Wands of cure light wounds (10 charges each), Wand of detect magic (10 charges), Wand of cure light wounds (10 charges), Everburning torch, Tanglefoot bag, Thunderstone, Masterwork healer’s kit (100 GP), Climber’s Kit

LEVEL UP! (The party henceforth shall be level 2).

Dates: 4 Kythorn 1358 to 6 Kythorn 1358.

  • The Party re-groups after their previous fight with 16 Dire Rats and a zombie pirate.
  • Argis Reed hums a ballad for the party concerning the caves of Immurk’s Hold.

A man of Immurk‘s crew made an attempt to escape with his life after Immurk discovered him sleeping with one of Immurk’s prized bed-slaves.

The pirate climbed up the mountainside adjacent to Immurk’s hold and while nearly at the top, and exausted, he was bitten by a snake and fell into a great natural chimmey in the rock.

The long fall terrified the pirate but he survived the fall after landing in a massive rubbish pile (in these very caves).

When Immurk’s men found him snake and rat bitten, terrified, and covered in rubbish, Immurk declared the man had adequately atoned for his crime and accepted him back to his crew.

These caves have been used as rubbish pits and prisons ever since.

  • The party discover that the source of the cries for help are from a feverish and parched pirate named Scudder being held prisoner in a cell within the cave.
  • Scudder informs the party that a man he refers to as “the crow” (Friar Ussax) has been capturing and imprisoning pirates and inflicting them with diseases.
  • Many of the the “crow’s” experimental subjects have died and been fed to a growing pack of Dire Rats which the crow has been breeding.
  • Other prisoners have succumbed to their illnesses and become undead zombies.
  • Scudder informs the party that the crow (Ussax) intends on spreading filth fever and other deadly afflictions from Immurk’s Hold to every port in the Inner Sea.
  • Scudder is the only survivor but is obviously infected, and feverish.
  • Lucius binds Scudders hands and frees him from the cell, however; shortly after Scudder cuts himself free with a knife during a febrile seizure.
  • Scudder transforms into a feral rat creature (wererat) and a corpse from within Scudder’s cell leaps to life transforming into a second wererat.
  • The wererats call out to their “master” the Friar Ussax and as blades are drawn the party is set upon by an Otyough, 3 Dire Rats, and the Friar himself.
  • Octavian di Raperazzi distinguishes himself in the fight, nimbly avoiding Dire Rat bites and Otyough tentacles while driving his rapier through the chests of both Wererats and the Otyough.
  • The Party slay Friar Ussax, but not before he grabs Hoary Halfwell’s right hand, afflicting Hoary with Black Spot, the mark of death.
  • The party search the remainder of the caves finding that the Friar Ussax has indeed used these as a base to develop deadly strains of Filth Fever and other afflictions.
  • In a the Friar’s personal chamber the party discover a large sailor’s footlocker containing many strange scrolls, potions, wands, and personal effects (see Booty).
  • In the process of searching Lucius Savoyard steps on poisoned wood stakes hidden within a garbage pile and is sapped of much of his strength.
  • The party find an alternate entrance to the caves which opens up into a much cleaner cavern which overlooks Immurk’s Hold, the harbor, and the sea beyond.
  • Octavian struggles, but manages to build a fire and the party wash themselves in rain water and bind their scrapes and cuts.
  • Looking out over Immurk’s Hold, and the harbor below; the party realize that the temporary reduction of the winds and rain indicate that Immurk’s Hold is now in the “eye of the storm”.
  • The party waits out the second half of the Summer Storm in the cave over many hours.
  • Lucius attends to the party with bleedings, cool water, and compresses, as each man battles the terrible sweats, fevers, and shakes of Filth Fever.
  • Outside the Storm reaches a crescendo as lighting bolts and thunder become so frequent as to turn the dark night’s sky into a continuous deafening roar and blinding light.
  • The characters watch as the shanty shelters of Immurk’s Hold below are ripped from their ancient Mulhorandi foundations and disintegrated by he Storm’s shear power.
  • Several ships in the harbor are struck by lightning bolts and erupt into flame before rapidly sinking.
  • At the height of the maddening cacophony the sky itself cries out in a single great roar.
  • As the blinding light and thunder diminish the Party see numerous stars falling from the sky above; falling to the sea and the lands beyond.
  • After minutes of still silence and shock, the sea breeze returns, and with it the sounds of dripping water, the cries of women, shouts of men, the smells of salt, smoke, and rain.
  • Argis Reed recalls to the party the legends of the Sea of Fallen Stars:

Some say that in the days before man, the gods cast the titans down to Ferun for their arrogance. They fell as blinding points of light. Stars. And their catastrophic impacts sundered the land creating the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Others say that the gods sent threw the first dragon eggs down from the heavens. The eggs fell as great stars and tore the land apart creating the Sea of Fallen Stars.

  • Minutes later, massive waves of rarefaction from some great but distant sea impact to the west of Dragonisle crash over the harbor’s great seawall and sink a quarter of the pirate fleet numbering 150 ships.
  • From their vantage the party also see that the body of Brightmaw has been dragged onto the seaside foundation of an ancient Mulhorandi sea-god temple.
  • It appears that over the past few weeks the pirates have been converting the increasingly skeletal remains of Brightmaw into a cathedral to some god.

Rumor Updates

  • Rubbish Cave / Filth Fever! (COMPLETE)
    - The party has successfully stopped Friar Ussax of Talona from spreading Filth Fever in Immurk’s Hold and to the ports beyond.
  • The Summer Storm
    - The hurricane climaxed into a cataclysmic event sending the stars from the heavens above to fall to the sea and land of Ferun.
  • The Slaying of the Sun-Eater
    - After Vurgrom the Mighty slayed Brightmaw the body was towed back to Immurk’s Hold, butchered, looted of treasure, and is now being converted into a great cathedral above the ruins of an ancient Mulhorandi sea-god temple.
Session 5

Characters: Lucius Savoyard, Ebwin Marsh, Argis Reed, Hoary Halfwell, Octavian di Raperazzi, Vincent Demetrius.

NPCs: 16 Dire Rats, 1 pirate zombie.

Booty: 5 silver pieces, 1 gold piece.

Dates: 3 Kythorn 1358 to 4 Kythorn 1358.

  • The Party decides to rest in a cave tunnel which lead away from the choking putrid smoke which fills the outer cave from which they entered.
  • Though cramped, the party rests and regains some strength in the tunnel.
  • By morning they go back into the cave entrance to find the hurricane to have strengthened. Dragonisle is being battered terribly by the storm.
  • Lucius prays in the waters which flood into the cave and the party ventures off deeper into the caverns seeking more hidden pirate booty, better shelter, and this follower of Talona whom Jomo Shanbaeren suspects is being the Filth Fever outbreak.
  • The party breaks down an iron door and enter deeper into the old rubbish caves.
  • The party kills 16 Dire Rats, 1 half-eaten pirate zombie, and set off a trap clearly set by a man recently in this space.
  • During the fighting Argis Reed kills the zombie with his hand axe, but is wounded in the process.
  • The Party hears sounds of a man escaping and locking iron doors behind him deeper in the caves ahead.
  • Octavian di Raperazzi contracts Filth Fever.


  • Filth Fever!
    – A Friar of Talona has been living in the old rubbish caves, killing pirates whom come to burn the garbage, and breeding Dire Rats to spread Filth Fever.
  • The Summer Storm
    – A hurricane of proportions and fury usually only seen in autumn is battering Dragonisle from the southeast.
Session 4

Characters: Hoary Halfwell, Lucius Savoyard, Octavian di Raperazzi.

NPCs: Mr. Roadsen, Den Lilard, the crew of Fearless Strumpet, Mr. Boggs, 3 pirate militiamen (loyal to Teldar), the 1-armed Otyugh.

Booty: small seachest (800 silver pieces, 1 scroll).

Dates: 3 Kythorn 1358.

  • Aboard the docked Strumpet, the Party notices Mr. Boggs and 3 of his harbor militiamen approach the ship through the downpour and rising winds.
  • Mr. Roadsen and the Party meet Mr. Boggs and his men on the pier.
  • Mr. Boggs attempts to convince Mr. Roadsen to stop this madness immediately because if Strumpet leaves the pier it will be thrown against the other ships in the harbor and put the entire Pirate Fleet at risk.
  • During the conversation, Octavian notices a sailor fall into the dangerous waters between Strumpet and the pier and calls “MAN OVER BOARD!”
  • Hoary and the able seamen lower two rescue lines while Octavian and Lucius drive in.
  • The Party rescues able seaman Den Lilard, pump the water from his lungs, and heal his wounds.
  • Den lilard says he must have fallen overboard after a night of drinking and had a vision of a squid pulling him down below the waves.
  • Lucius gives him a penance of pouring half his wineskin to the sea each day until his drinking is under control.
  • Mr. Roadsen agrees that to set sail in these worsening conditions is madness and orders the ship to be secured.
  • The Horn of Greyrock Fortress blasts once (for hurricanes) and the crew of Fearless Strumpet run for shelter in the caves of Immurk’s Hold.
  • After some frantic searching, the party finds one of the last unoccupied cave entrances and enters finding a stinking garbage pit.
  • Lucius wades into the waste to find firewood from a broken wagon and falls in as the garbage shifts.
  • The Party is attacked by a 1 armed Otyugh and Lucius drops his oil lantern into the dried out, methane-rich garbage causing a fire to erupt.
  • Octavian and Hoary combine for deadly critical hits against it’s aberrant anatomy and slay it.
  • Searching around the burn pit, the party finds a small seachest containing 800 silver pieces and a scroll hidden behind a rock.
  • Also behind the rock is an entrance to a deeper cave tunnel which is not filled by a choking putrid smoke.
  • Lucius and Octavian contract Filth Fever.


  • The Rubbish Cave
    – A cavern rubbish burn-pit (used by the party as refuge from a storm) appears to have been recently used as a hiding spot for someone
    – The pit has not been recently used to burn waste.
    – The Otyugh has had 1 arm cut off by a blade.
    – Someone hid a chest with 800 silver and a scroll there.
Session 3

Characters: Hoary Halfwell, Lucius Savoyard, Octavian di Raperazzi, Vincent Demetrius.

NPCs: Jomo Shanbaeren, 12 Dire Rats, 3 Pirates (crew of Fortune’s Favor), 3 Pirates (crew of Maiden’s Kiss), Mr. Roadsen, Tonara, the crew of Fearless Strumpet.

Booty: Jar of 14 Archon Mushrooms, free fare at the Creaking Cutlass tavern.

Dates: 3 Kythorn 1358.

  • Arriving at the Creaking Cutlass Tavern are: Vincent, then Lucius and Hoary, followed later by Octavian; all weary from their travels and in much need of food and drink.
  • All but Octavian slice their foreheads on the rusted cutlass which hangs low over the threshold much to the amusement of the owner Jomo Shanbaeren.
  • The Party overhears three pirates from the crew of Fortune’s Favor drunkenly bragging about Captain Sheamus Carran’s exploits (most of which seem impossible).
  • Jomo lets Lucius drink for free (because he is a cleric of Valkur) and Lucius gets sloppy drunk on a near-empty stomach along with Hoary.
  • Lucius passed out, falls off his stool, and rolls slowly down the slope of the tavern floor and off the pier into the water of Immurk’s Harbor.
  • While passed out the laughter of the tavern turns into hideous laughter within Lucius’ mind and he has a vision.
  • Lucius’ vision is of his wife on the rowboat, but this time she is fighting bravely as she is viciously bitten by numerous black snakes. Her many bloody bite wounds drain and the blood forms a red snake which slithers up her leg and fights off the black snakes. Still, she dies of her wounds.
  • Lucius wakes up as he splashes into the water of Immurk’s Harbor, and the first thing he sees when he rises from the cold water is Vincent’s armband (the sigil of Cecil Thompkins.
  • Lucius prays briefly to Valkur, and records his vision in the Liturgy of Valkur.
  • Vincent introduces himself to Hoary and Lucius and the three decipher vincent-s-sketch with the help of Jomo.
  • Octavian ravenously eats multiple bowls of Jomo’s Brown Stew and drinks sparingly.
  • Hoary notices Octavian (calling him “Westgate” by his appearances) and drunkenly picks a fight with him because of the dishonesty of most men from Westgate.
  • During the brief fight, Hoary slams Octavian into the back wall of the tavern, knocking the baseboard loose which allows a startled pack of twelve Dire Rats (whom were feeding in the back storeroom) to run into the tavern’s dining room.
  • The other severely drunken patrons run out of the Creaking Cutlass screaming Filth Fever!, Filth Fever!
  • Vincent incapacitates nine of the twelve rats with numerous bursts of Color Spray from his staff, but is bitten and scratched multiple times in the process.
  • Octavian, Lucius, and Hoary kill three rats and cut the heads off the remaining 9 incapacitated ones.
  • Lucius and Vincent drag the diseased bodies onto the pier and dump them in Immurk’s Harbor while a terrible storm pours rain down on Immurk’s Hold.
  • Lucius and Vincent note that each Dire Rat has a triangular mark of three festering sores on it’s body (a symbol of Talona).
  • Vincent contracts Filth Fever.
  • Jomo profusely thanks the Party and says they don’t have to pay for all their food and drink, they are welcome back anytime.
  • Hoary notices a strange jar of white mushrooms (Archon Mushrooms) behind the bar and Jomo gives them to him for his fighting, but warns not to eat too many too fast.
  • After the fight, Vincent recruits Hoary, Lucius, and Octavian to be men-at-arms aboard Fearless Strumpet.
  • Vincent leads Hoary, Lucius, and Octavian to Fearless Strumpet as the bosun Tonara and first mate Mr. Roadsen direct the final resupply.
  • Mr. Roadsen directs a roll call for the ship’s crew, all but Captain Cecil Thompkins are present.
  • Lucius leads the crew in a brief prayer to Valkur aboard the Strumpet in the darkness of a torrential downpour.


  • Misc
    – Teldar’s men as well as any cleric of Valkur eat and drink for free at the Creaking Cutlass Tavern.
  • Filth Fever!
    – An unusually potent strain of Filth Fever is spreading rapidly through Immmurk’s Hold starting just about a ten-day ago.
    – Jomo has heard of a number of massive rats (Dire Rats) which have been seen near the ancient caves to which Immurk’s Hold is built against.
    – Based on this and the finding of a symbol of Talona on the rats, Jomo thinks there is a priest of Talona whom is spreading the plague from the caves by way of Dire Rats.
  • The Slaying of the Sun-Eater
    Vurgrom slayed Brightmaw on the Alamber Sea recently and returned with the body to be carved up at Immurk’s Hold.
Session 2

Characters: Argis Reed, Ebwin Marsh, Eoghan Smyth, Hoary Halfwell, Lucius Savoyard, Octavian di Raperazzi, Vincent Demetrius.

NPCs: Cecil Thompkins, Jezgar Skentzin, crew of Fearless Strumpet, crew of Umberlee’s Get, 1 Seawolf pirate (Jezgar’s man), Vurgrom, 1 pirate brawler (Vurgrom’s man), 3 night mask assassins, Hector Barabus, crew of Black Bell, 2 pirates (Barabus’ men), the Black Beast, Phillip Londel, crew for Phillip Londel, 1 Statue That Walks (Londel’s guard).

Booty: None.

Dates: 2 Kythorn 1358 – 3 Kythorn 1358

  • While stalking the North Sealane for a merchant vessel, the caravel Fearless Strumpet is pursued by the caravel Umberlee’s Get.
  • The crew of Umberlee’s Get has the clear favor from the winds and rapidly gains on Fearless Strumpet.
  • Terribly depressed, and obviously drunk, captain Thompkins tells his crew to pick up arms and fight to their certain deaths against the fearsome reavers from Umberlee’s Get; moral on the ship sinks.
  • Hours later as Umberlee’s Get approaches faster, captain Thompkins emerges from his quarters holding his Lord’s Coin and thanks the gods (even Umberlee) in joyous happiness. He then rouses the crew with a speech and tells all the able-bodied-seaman to ready to sail away while the men at arms should stay on the Strumpet and not board against Umberlee’s Get.
  • The caravels Fearless Strumpet and Umberlee’s engaged in fierce boarding actions against one another.
  • Eoghan and Vincent defend the helm from a fierce pirate from captain Skentzin’s crew and discover he is a Seawolf before killing him.
  • Captain Thompkins swings over to Umberlee’s Get, engages in swordplay with captain Skentzin, kills 3 of Skentzin’s crew, and cuts loose a good portion of the ship’s rigging.
  • During the battle Vincent is bitten in the neck by the Seawolf, and Fearless Strumpet takes heavy casualties. All of the men-at-arms are killed as well as a number of the able-bodied-seamen.
  • Vincent contracts Seawolf Lycanthropy.
  • With Ummberlee’s Get disabled from torn rigging, captain Thompkins swings back to the Strumpet and orders a full retreat back to Immurk’s Hold.
  • Vincent casts Animate Rope to free the ties between the two caravels and then helps prepare the dead crew for a burial.
  • Eoghan deftly steers Fearless Strumpet free, helps repair the ship’s own rigging, and sets a direct course to Immurk’s Hold.
  • Eoghan sails the Strumpet through a terrible storm and brings her safely against the private pier for Pirate Lord Cecil Thompkins at Immurk’s Hold Harbor.
  • Captain Thompkins orders Eoghan and Vincent to come with him on shore and the rest of the crew to rapidly re-supply the ship and make repairs such that the Strumpet can make a departure within hours.
  • Eoghan and Vincent follow captain Thompkins who strides into The Pit below Greyrock Fortress and subsequently challenges Pirate Lord Vurgrom to a bare-fisted, bare-chested one-on-one combat to unconsciousness.
  • On Thompkin’s orders, Vincent (not so inconspicuously) draws a picture of Vurgrom’s freshest tattoo as Thompkins is pummeled mercilessly by the brute. Eoghan fights off one of Vurgrom’s men with fisticuffs who threatens Vincent during the melee.
  • After the melee, captain Thompkins marches off (seemingly inspired again) and tells Eoghan and Vincent to find a new crew of men-at-arms to replace the Strumpets losses and points them in the direction of the Creaking Cutlass.
  • During their walk through Immurk’s Hold, Eoghan and Vincent see the carcass of a massive grey leviathan Brightmaw being butchers by multiple crews of workers in the shipyards.
  • Eoghan and Vincent walk into the Creaking Cutlass for more than a swig of grog while captain Thompkins goes off to Greyrock Fortress to attend the Hurricane Court.
  • Octavian, fleeing a number of pursuing Night Mask assassins, arrives in Tidetown at the Bent Mermaid Inn.
  • Just outside the Inn Octavian sees a Cormyrian Freesailor caravel nearly ready to set sail; inside he finds a Cormyrian Freesaling captain having a last drink with 4 of his men.
  • Desperate, and without time to spare, Octavian buys the men a round of ale and initiates some conversation.
  • The captain quickly surmises that Octavian is a di Raperizzi lordling and offers Octavian a position on his ship.
  • Octavian kisses the captain’s blade and walks aboard the caravel just in time to see 3 assassins on the pier in pursuit.
  • While safely at sea Octavian is surprised when the crew disassembles parts of the vessel’s gunwales and sails, changing the vessels profile to that of the infamous pirate ship, Black Bell.
  • In self defense, Octavian draws his rapier lunges and is immediately parried and disarmed by the savvy captain of Black Bell, Hector Barabus.
  • Octavian is flogged nearly to death and tied up in the Black Bell’s lower deck.
  • Ebb escapes lynching due to his “abnormality” and joins up with a merchant crew at Port Spandeliyon in Altumbel, however while at sea the brutal bosun and his mates discover Ebb’s “abnormality” and decide to maroon him.
  • Ebb is marooned on a tiny circular desert island on the edge of a vast archipelago and discovers that beneath the sand is a sunken temple to an ancient cyclopian pantheon of 6 gods (each statue has a massive and priceless gem within it’s eye socket).
  • Ebb is driven to madness by a deep humming “song” from a massive beast with black tentacles from the depths below the temple.
  • Argis has difficulty finding passage from Telflamm to the Pirate Isles until he impresses a jolly, indulgent pig-faced merchant from Procampur named Phillip Londel while singing for coppers in a dockside tavern.
  • Argis joins Phillip Londel’s crew as his minstrel and quickly raises the spirits of the ship’s crew, becoming a favorite on the ship.
  • At sea one day Argis spots movement on a tiny isle and alerts the crew whom send out a rescue boat on Phillip Londel’s orders.
  • Argis arrives at the tiny isle to find Ebb dancing and murmuring to himself in madness and begins to hear the deep rhythmic “song” which has overwhelmed Ebb’s mind.
  • Ebb flees from Argis in a hallucinatory state, until Agris sings a Countersong.
  • Ebb breaks free of the maddening tones and comes aboard Phillip Londel’s ship.
  • Just two days later, their merchant ship is pursued and boarded by the crew of the fearsome Black Bell led by Hector Barabus.
  • Argis and Ebb valiantly defend the ship’s sterncastle against 3 pirate attackers, but the battle is lost on the main deck and forecastle.
  • Argis and Ebb are flogged and tied up in the lower deck of Black Bell with Octavian.
  • Pillip Londel is taken captive on the upperdeck of Black Bell and the merchant vessel.
  • The merchant vessel is sailed back to Oresk by some of Black Bell’s crew and the Black Bell makes haste for Immurk’s Hold.
  • While in port, Argis, Ebb, and Octavian escape their bonds, kill 2 of captain Barabus’ men, and escape the Black Bell to arrive at the Creaking Cutlass.


  • The Reaving Seawolf
    – Jezgar Skentzin, the Pirate Lord of Telfar and the crew of his caravel, Umberlee’s Get, have become reavers, attacking anyone (including pirates).
  • The Slaying of the Sun-Eater
    – Recently, in the Alamber Sea, Vurgrom killed a legendary leviathan known as Brightmaw and then towed the body back to Immurk’s Hold for butchering and glory.
    – Towing the body to Immurk’s Hold has stirred up the host of aggressive Megalodons whom make their home in the waters just southwest of Dragonisle.
  • The Hurricane Calls
    – Pirate Lord Teldar has called his Pirate Lords back to the Hurricane Court at Greyrock Fortress in Immurk’s Hold.
  • Misc
    – Hector Barabus forbids his men to go to the Creaking Cutlass while in Immurk’s Hold.
  • Ancient Ghol-Gan
    – There is a pristine and massive cyclopian temple to 6 ancient gods sunken somewhere in the Inner Sea.
    – Each statue contains a priceless gem within it’s eye-socket. The site is home to the Black Beast.
Session 1

Characters: Lucius Savoyard, Hoary Halfwell.

NPCs: Cristoph Ryemark, 5 Sembian merchant sailors (Cristoph Rymerk’s men), 1 poisonous Small Spider, 8 Zhentilar pirates (Damon Adder’s men), Aldus Dual, numerous Stormclaw Crabs, Little Thom (blacksmith rescued by Aldus Dual), 30 “crabtown” refugees.

Booty: None.

Dates: 1 Kythorn 1358 DR – 2 Kythorn 1358 DR

  • Hoary Halfwell, Cristoph Ryemark, and five of Ryemark’s sailors are imprisoned in an underground cell in Darkharbor after being captured at sea by the Zhentilar captain Damon Adder.
  • Hoary learns that Damon Adder plans on selling them into slavery to a nearby Drow chieftain.
  • Hoary kills a poisonous small spider creating confusion drawing 2 Zhentilar pirates.
  • Hoary and Cristoph kill the 2 pirates and escape out of the dungeon.
  • Hoary and Cristoph are hit by poisoned darts as they escape Darkharbor on a rowboat and are pursued by 6 of Damon Adder’s men.
  • A large storm at sea capsizes their ship and Cristoph Ryemark drowns.
  • Hoary nearly drowns himself and is washed to shore near Stormclaw Bay with waterlung.
  • Aldus tells Lucius before he leaves Stormclaw Bay that he is leaving the Temple to Valkur to Lucius. Also he tells Lucius that “When the great storm comes, it shall bring with it a feast for the crabs.”
  • In prayer, Lucius has a vision of his wife on a boat floating towards him and crying out for help. She collapses with a dart in her arm.
  • Lucius makes preparations for a storm and sets watch at the shore. That night, a terrible storm rises from the north.
  • During the storm Lucius sees several broken bodies with Zhentilar garb being torn apart against a rocky patch of shore.
  • Lucius is attacked by numerous poisonous Stormclaw Crabs and climbs slippery rocks to arrive at the scene.
  • Lucius rescues the only potential survivor: Hoary Halfwell. Performs first aid, heals his wounds, and feeds him Stormclaw Stew.
  • Little Thom (a rescued blacksmith) strikes the manacles off Hoary.
  • Lucius and Hoary speak together about their past.
  • The storm makes landfall and begins destroying the shoddily built Temple of Valkur.
  • Lucius and Hoary set out to help the refugees reach the safety of Immurk’s Hold by way of the jungle.

Rumors Gathered

  • Dark dealings at Darkharbor
    – Damon Adder is selling slaves to the drow from Darkharbor.
  • The Summer Storm
    – Many seers have predicted that a great Summer Storm is coming.

13th of Tarsakh, 1346

  • Man-at-crossroads: “Greetings traveler. Though with the rain it seems not be the best time on the road.”
  • Traveler: "… I.. I thought…:
  • Man-at-crossroads: "Sorry to disappoint, but believe it or not I actually prefer these dung-caked boots and this soaking cloak.
  • Traveler: “Your choice.”
  • Man-at-crossroads: “Quite. But I doubt you came all this way to stand in the Bitch Queen’s piss to talk to me about attire. You’re shouting out for a… deal”
  • Traveler: “Yes. I… I want.”
  • Man-at-crossroads: "You want to be truly free. To be the invincible captain of the Inner Sea’s greatest ship. Immurk born again. Glory, fame, riches… The kind of man whom wenches fight over and Princes wish to be. All of that and one more thing… vengeance.
  • Traveler: "…yes. How did you know?
  • Man-at-crossroads: “Lucky guess.”
  • Traveler: “So you’ll make me that then? For the rest of my life?”
  • Man-at-crossroads: “Oh let’s not jump ahead of ourselves here. We’re just getting to my favorite part. The numbers.”
  • Traveler: But you’d have it! My soul! Surely that should be enough.
  • Man-at-crossroads: "You’re past two-tens now my friend; your life could be three-tens or more longer still. The standard price is six. A… devil’s number.
  • Traveler: “Six years? Never, I’ll walk away now and live in this rainy shithole of a village for the next three-tens then.”
  • Man-at-crossroads: "Oh come now, don’t get discouraged over a little… negotiation. How about seven then? A lucky number! Anyone would agree.
  • Traveler: “… Two-tens.”
  • Man-at-crossroads: “There it is. But still too high. How about nine?”
  • Traveler: “Five and ten.”
  • Man-at-crossroads: “Ohhh, I’m starting to like this. Ten and one.”
  • Traveler: “Ten and four.”
  • Man-at-crossroads: "Ten and three. A sweet offer indeed. I don’t recall the last one of these I’ve made for ten and three.

The direction of the heavy rain continues to shift in the wind, pattering into the already saturated mud.

  • Man-at-crossroads: “It is my last offer.”
  • Traveler: “Ten and three?”
  • Man-at-crossroads: “Ten and three years to be the greatest warrior on the Inner Sea, master and commander of your own ship, and glory, fame, riches, and most of all… vengeance. All for the price of your soul.”
  • Traveler: “Ten and three.”
  • Man-at-crossroads: “Ten and three.”

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