Yes, I do heartily repent. I repent I had not done more mischief; and that we did not cut the throats of them that took us, and I am extremely sorry that you aren’t hanged as well as we.

Current Rumors / Plot lines

  • The Mysterious Quest of Cecil Thompkins
    – After slaying Brightmaw, Vurgrom got a fresh tattoo depicting a location in the Fang Rocks and returned to Immurk’s Hold.
    – Vurgrom also sent a command to Jezgar Skentzin aboard Umberlee’s Get that they were to kill Captain Thompkins and the crew of Fearless Strumpet somwhere near the Fang Rocks.
    – At Immurk’s Hold, Vurgrom allowed Cecil Thompkin’s maestor, Vincent Demetrius to sketch it during a mock bare-chested fist-fight started by Thompkins.
    – Thompkins, knowing that Vurgrom records the locations of his treasures in tattoo, set off in haste to the Fang Rocks to find a lost treasure buried by Vurgrom after Brightmaw’s slaying.
    – However, Captain Thompkins and Fearless Strumpet sailed into a trap at the Fang Rocks as they came under attack by the waiting Seawolves.
    – Captain Thompkins was last seen toppling overboard in a grapple with 8 seawolves somewhere south of the Fang Rocks.
    – The only thing Thompkins ever told his crew of the item he was seeking was that it was an object of immense power which in the wrong hands could spell disaster for the fate of the entire Inner Sea.
  • The Isle of Empty Eyes
    Teldar offered the party a seat on the Hurricane Court if they sail to Ilthan, tame the local cyclopses, acquire enough large glass panes and mirrors to fix Immurk’s Beacon, and host a lavish feast fit for kings on Ilthan for all the Pirate Lords of the Hurricane Court.
  • Godwin, The Dead Lighthouse Keeper
    – During the Storm of Fallen Stars, Godwin, the lighthouse keeper of Immurk’s Hold was poisoned.
    – It appears the top of the lighthouse was destroyed by a sonic blast from within during the storm.
    Thorund can repair the mechanical aspects of the lighthouse, however he cannot manufacture the large panes of glass and mirrors.
    Teldar has suggested perhaps some large panes of glass and mirrors can be found in the ancient cyclopian runs of Ghol-gan on Ilthan; the Isle of Cecil Thompkin’s former pirate lordship.
  • The Slaying of the Sun-Eater
    - Vurgrom the Mighty slayed Brightmaw, towed the body to Immurk’s Hold, and it is being used for construction of Brightmaw Hall, a great cathedral to Umberlee by Dread High Trident Nerine, a recent ally of Vurgrom’s.
  • Ancient Ghol-Gan
    – There is a pristine and massive cyclopian temple to 6 ancient gods sunken somewhere in the Inner Sea.
    – Each statue contains a priceless gem within it’s eye-socket. The site is home to the Black Beast.
  • Dark dealings at Darkharbor
    Damon Adder is selling slaves to the drow from Darkharbor.
  • The Summer Storm
    – On 5 Kythorn 1358 the great hurricane which has battered the Inner Sea climaxed into a cataclysmic event sending the stars from the heavens above to fall to the sea and land of Ferun.
    – Seers throughout the Inner Sea have forseen a great coming war and terrible Summer Storms.
  • The Dragon Graveyard of Lurath
    - There is an ancient dragon graveyard filled with treasure and danger on the isle of Lurath.
  • The Red Mists
    - Since Urdogen’s Last Stand over 160 years ago, sightings of a red mist have been made in the area of open sea just north of Fang Rocks where Urdogen’s last stand took place.
    - Those caught in the red mist are never found again.
    - It is said that Urdogen is now cursed (or some say blessed) by Umberlee to live out the last bloody days of his life again and again for all eternity.

Completed Plotlines

  • Rubbish Cave / Filth Fever! (COMPLETE)
    - The party slayed Friar Ussax of Talona and his foul rat minions thus preventing a terrible plague of Filth Fever in Immurk’s Hold and to the ports beyond.