Valashars Bane

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  • A swift cog named by Crown Prince Azoun I after his victory over the invaders of Valashar.
  • While not heavily armed, its speed allowed it to overtake pirates on the Inner Sea along the Dragon Coast.
  • Returning to Cormyr from a trade mission to the Vilhon Reach,the Cormyrean prince’’s flagship, was caught off guard by a harsh storm which swept through the Neck in the Year of Autumn Drums (389 DR).
  • The ship’s hull ruptured on coastal rocks thirty-five miles east of the Darkflow River causing the ship’s precious cargo to sink into the sea.
  • Azoun I himself briefly fell into the water and was forced to release his tunic, sword belt, and other royal items to prevent himself from drowning.
  • The crew of Valshar’s Bane were able to rescue the Crown Prince from the stormy waters.
  • Some say Umberlee spared the lives of Azoun I and his crew because they had already paid her toll with the great load of royal treasure which spilled from the ship during the calamity.
  • As the ship steadily took on water, the prince and his crew continued to attempt to sail the as close as they could back to the shores of Cormyr.
  • The ship’s smallboats were deployed at the last possible moments and the entire crew landed safely on shore just west of the Darkflow the next day at dawn.
  • Azoun proclaimed the moment “the best dawn he had ever seen and proclaimed the landing site to be named Dawngleam.
  • Nearly a thousand years later, the landing site just west of the Darkflow is now the village of Dawngleam.
  • Many have sought out this shipwreck, hoping to turn up some royal artifact or magical item, only to be met with failure to locate the wreck itself.

Location of Shipwreck

  • Valashar’s Bane sank three miles off the coast and twenty miles east of the Darkflow River

Treasure Rumored to be Aboard

  • Ilbratha
  • Two items of the Shoon Imperium that Amedahast and Azoun procured in a short adventure within the Chondalwood which had been long missing from Shoon hands. Both the Crown Prince and his adviser Amedahast felt they would be safer if kept in Cormyr.
    – The Silver Scimitar of Amahl the Mad
    Amahl’s Master Ring
  • A stone horse (confiscated from pirates which was to be presented to the king on his birthday)

Valashars Bane

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