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  • Urdogen “the Red”, the Second Hurricane King, First of the Freecaptains, Master of the Seathrone, and captain of Raging Tears.
  • During the Pirate Wars which followed Immurk’s Death in 1201 DR, Urdogen “the Red, rose to dominance, captured the Storm Crown from Respitil the mage, crowned himself the second Hurricane King of the Isles in 1204 DR.
  • Notoriously, one of the most hot-blooded and violent of the warring Freecaptains; Urdogen would force men he spared from death to devour their own ears, and nose, before setting them free.
  • Ruled as Master of the Seathrone and the Second Hurricane King on Dragonisle from 1204 until his death in 1209 DR.

Victor of the Pirate Wars

  • While Urdogen did not have the banner of all of the pirates, he had accumulated enough support so that none dared challenge him and then seized Immurk’’s Hold for his own.
  • Urdogen then allowed those who had not joined him to harbor on the lesser isles of the archipelago.
  • After sometime, the internal warfare was subsided as Urdogen allowed the other Freecaptains an increasing amount of independence compared to their previous King.

Urdogen’s Bloody Rule

  • Urdogen frequently raided Cormyr, Sembia, Impiltur, and the Vilhon Reach.
  • Unlike Immurk whom used his spy networks and command of the pirates to evenly spread out the pirate raiding among the coastlines (giving the juiciest ports and tradelanes to those most loyal to him); Urdogen lacked patience and often would command all his pirates to attack targets at once.
  • This bloody tactic drew the ire of the Alliance Nations (Cormyr, Sembia and Impiltur, and the Vilhon Reach).
  • So in 1209 DR (The Year of Blazing Banners), an alliance of 200 ships (in 3 parts) from these nations sailed against him in a battle known as Urdogen’s Last Stand.

The Great Fleet

  • The Imperial Fleet, numbering 200 ships, poured forth in three parts, approaching the Dragonisle from the north, east, and west.
  • Northern fleet:
    – Origin: Selgaunt in Sembia.
    – Composition: 50 ships (warships and mercenary vessels).
    – Task: Feint at the Dragonisle and bring Urdogen’’s fleet out of harbor, then hold them at sea until the other forces arrived.
  • Western fleet:
    – Origin: Suzail and the Vilhon Reach.
    – Composition: 75 ships (Cormyrean Freesails and mercenaries from the Vilhon Reach).
    – Task: Wait for the Northern fleet to pull Urdogen away from Dragonisle, then drive Urdogen toward the Eastern fleet and close off Urdogen’s escape.
  • Eastern fleet:
    – Origin: Procampur and Lyrabar.
    – Composition: 75 ships (mostly Impilturan military, some Aglarondans and mercenaries).
    – Task: Wait along the northern edge of the Pirate Isles (near Kelthann) for the western fleet to drive Urdogen to them.

Urdogen’s Last Stand

  • The battle began shortly after dawn, Eleint 11, 1209 DR.
  • After spotting the Eastern fleet, Urdogen sailed out with his own fleet of Freecaptains numbering 90 ships.
  • Urdogen’s fleet raced toward the Northern one, engaging them well before the rendezvous point with the Western fleet.
  • Urdogen’s larger, faster, battle-hardened fleet engaged and destroyed all but 15 of the un-blooded Sembian ships.
  • The Eastern fleet approached 12 hours later from the northern edge of the pirate isles.
  • After waiting for hours at the rendezvous point for the Northern fleet to appear with Urdogen’s fleet in pursuit, the Eastern fleet headed further south and was engaged by Urdogen.
  • Due to unfavorable winds passing through The Neck, the Western fleet arrived 12 hours late, just as Urdogen’s fleet had destroyed the Eastern fleet.
  • With heavy casualties, damaged ships, and no option of escape, Urdogen’s Freecaptains fought fiercely against the combined fleets.
  • The battle then became one of attrition, as pirate vessels struggled to escape the net formed by the 160 attacking ships.
  • Urdogen’s ship, Raging Tears, ran aground off a hidden reef.
  • Nearly all ships involved were destroyed and Urdogen and his loyal crew made a legendary bloody last stand down to the last man bringing tens of alliance boarders to the grave with them.

The Aftermath

  • The Storm Crown was lost at sea during the great battle and rumors say that it still rests somewhere within the great graveyard of ships which lay wrecked in the sands and rock northwest of the Fang Rocks.
  • Only a handful of ships from the Western Fleet and Eastern Fleets survived to tell the tale of Urdogen’s mighty last stand; the pirates’ stronghold had been broken.
  • Not long after the victory, the allies once again separated and slipped back into bitter rivalry.


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