Thepurl's Diamond

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  • In 1250 DR, a group of crusading paladins and clerics of the triad (The Vigilant Guard) from Tsurlagol hunted the lich Hlura the Ebonsoul (CE lich Inv19) to her lair in the Chondalwood of Chondath.
  • Though they were unable to destroy the lich, the crusaders managed to trap her in a silver crate, sealing it shut with layers of molten silver and blessings.
  • The crusaders gathered the heretical contents of her lair into six additional silver crates and transported the contents overland to Iljak were they could charter passage by sea back to the Temple of the Noble Hand in Tsurlagol in Vilhon for destruction.
  • The Watch Captain of the Vigilant Guard (Cleric of Helm) commissioned the merchant captain Thespurl of Chondath to transport his band of nine crusaders (Paladins of Helm) and cargo of seven crates from Iljak in Vilhon to their home temple in Tsurlagol.
  • Although initially, Thespurl balked at the prospect of transporting ten holy men and seven heavy crates of cargo; the 1000 scarlet pearls the Watch Captain offered him changed Thespurl’s mind immediately.
  • The ship set sail from Iljak on the 10th day of Mirtul in 1250 DR and it was expected to reach Tsurlagol a month later, after stops at Reth and Delthuntle.
  • ThepurlÂ’’s Diamond never reached port.
  • While sailing around the Archipelago of Altumbel, Thespurl’s Diamond struck a sunken shoal and sunk leaving no survivors.
  • The holy men of Helm perished, weighed down by their plate armor.

Location of Shipwreck

  • ThepurlÂ’’s Diamond (Lichwreck) can be found three miles west of the island of Shamandra in the Altumbel Archipelago, the largest of the southern islands in that chain.

Treasure Rumored to be Aboard

  • Staff of the magi.
  • The seven school wands.
  • Mirror of life trapping.
  • Three magical scrolls of beaten metal.
  • 1000 scarlet pearls (from the Lake of Steam itself worth up to 20,000 gold pieces)

Thepurl's Diamond

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