• The flagship of a fleet owned by Volludan, Guildmaster of the Shadowmasters of Telflamm.
  • Volludan fled by sea from Telflamm to escape the retribution of the church of Tempus for stealing a regalia of holy items from the Temple.
  • Without time to plot a proper course, Volludan sailed his ship into dangerous waters, and directly into the teeth of a great storm in late Alturiak of the Year of the Arch (1353 DR).
  • The high winds, broke Shadowwake’s mast, and that great timber broke the ship in twain.
  • All the crew except four died as the ship sank.
  • Volludan himself bled to death aboard the sinking vessel after a snapped line from the mast lashed about his neck.

Last Known Location

  • The Shadowake’¬ís last surface position was ten miles north of Cape Dragonfang.


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