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Even while I gazed, this current acquired a monstrous velocity. Each moment added to its speed—to its headlong impetuosity. In five minutes the whole sea, as far as Vurrgh, was lashed into ungovernable fury; but it was between Moskoe and the coast that the main uproar held its sway. Here the vast bed of the waters, seamed and scarred into a thousand conflicting channels, burst suddenly into phrensied convulsion—heaving, boiling, hissing—gyrating in gigantic and innumerable vortices, and all whirling and plunging on to the eastward with a rapidity which water never elsewhere assumes except in precipitous descents.”
—Edgar Allan Poe, “A Descent into the Maelstrom”

FreecaptainOriginSigilShip NameShip TypeBaseSeathrone
TeldarWestgateWhite skull with a single yellow eye above a saltire of two white crossed bones against a black fieldMaiden’s KissGalleonImmurk’s Hold1
VurgromMoonsea RegionRed maelstrom on a black fieldMaelstromLongshipImmurk’s Hold2
XenzUnknownBlack skull emitting black rays against a golden fieldBeholder’s EyeGalleonMirg Isle3
Hector BarabusCormyrJolly rodgerBlack BellCaravel-4
AzlaMulmasterWhite arm wielding a scimitar against a black fieldBlack ChampionCaravelOresk5
Cecil ThompkinsUnknownRed snake curling up a white feminine leg with a golden garter against a black fieldFearless StrumpetCaravelIlthan6
Sheamus CarranScar HarborGolden horsehoe against a black fieldFortune’s FavorCaravelJaw Rock7
Jezgar SkentzinUnknownWhite wolf’s head against a black fieldUmberlee’s GetCaravelTelfar8
Damon AdderUnknownBlack coiled snake within a golden diskSea SnakeCaravelDarkharbor9
CrammarChessentaA field of black and white diamondsGambitCaravelImmurk’s Hold10
Darin HanithornUnknownWhite shark’s jaw against a black fieldDreadCaravelUnknown11
NameRankLoyaltyOriginSigilShip NameShip TypeBase
Lord Lionel IreaborBlue Dragon CommodoreCormyrMarsemberBrown bear against an orange fieldThauglor’s FangCarrackPalaggar
Ser Bryce LongbrookeBlue Dragon CaptainCormyrDawngleamA golden sun against a blue fess engrailed on whiteEnchara’s FuryCaravelPalaggar
Ser Dalvar CorzonPrivateerCormyrSuzailWhite seagull in flight against a split field of white and purpleGullswingCaravelPalaggar
Ser Willam TruesilverBlue Dragon CaptainCormyrSuzailHouse Truesilver: Silver eagle (en affronte dexter) against a blue fieldRhigaerd’s JusticeCaravelPalaggar
Ser Brock StensonCaptainSembiaSelgauntWhite shark’s head with red teeth rising against a blue fieldBloodwaterCarrackUarhold
Ser Ryker UskrevenCaptainSembiaSelgauntA Gold horse-head-and-fouled-anchor against a blue field. Motto:" Too bold to hide"FivestarCaravelUarhold

The Inner Sea



  • 1st Era (1164 to 1201 DR): Immurk the First Hurricane King
  • 2nd Era (1201 to 1204 DR): The Pirate Wars
    Dreymurk first in his name
    – Anzil “the black”
    – Lord” Chazdan of Procampur
    – Respitil the Magus
  • 3rd Era (1204 to 1209 DR): Urdogen the Second Hurricane King
  • 4th Era (1209 to 1280 DR): The Years of Silence
  • 5th Era (1209 to 1305 DR): The Successors
    Methlas “the Merchant” (1286 to 1294 DR)
    Thevren “the Impatient” (1294 to 1295 DR)
    Thilana “the Mistress” (1295 to 1305 DR)
    Laershala “of the Emerald Eyes” (1305 to 1314 DR)
  • Present Era (1314 to present)
    Teldar “the Smuggler” (1325 to present)

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