Lost Princess


  • While the ship’’s name was actually Nadyra’’s Glory, the tale and shipwreck’s title, “Lost Princess,” is secondary to the fame of it’s tragic victim.
  • The Year of the Cracked Turtle (924 DR) saw the deaths of the rulers of Old Impiltur by a plague; the sole survivor was the young Princess, Aliia.
  • Of marriageable age and in need of maintaining her country’’s rule, Aliia was courted by nearly every noble within 1,000 miles of Impiltur, and she accepted the proposal of the Crown Prince Rhiegard of Cormyr after two summers’ courting.
  • Her bridal ship was laden with enormous amounts of treasure as her dowry.
  • The momentous union would unite Cormyr and Impiltur as a great power that many nobles assumed would eventually absorb Sembia and rule the Inner Sea as an empire.
  • Setting sail from Hlammach in the Year of the Fearless Peasant (926 DR), Princess Aliia’s’ ship turned west, hugging the coast so her subjects could see her purple sails as she headed for Cormyr.
  • Nadyra’’s Glory was last seen in the light of the setting sun by fishermen of Lyrabar.
  • No storms were reported during that but the ship never made it to either Tsurlagol let alone it’s destination of Suzail.
  • Folk of the Inner Sea today speak of the Lost Princess as one of the greatest treasure finds waiting to be discovered.

The Ghost Ship

  • For the past four centuries, sailors and pirates alike speak of seeing a ghost ship near the Impilturan coast between Tsurlagol and Lyrabar.
  • Various tales are told of the sights, sounds, and smells which herald the ghost-ship
    – Some say say that a dense fogbank appears with the scent of violets and salt.
    – Others say that they hear a woman crying out or sobbing across the waters.
    – Still others say they hear the sound of harp strings being plucked.
  • The sailors tales all seem to agree however, that soonafter a purple-sailed ship then appears in the mists alongside their own ship.
  • Soon after, the ship exits the fog or the sun disperses the fog.
  • Sighting the Lost Princess is considered an ill omen by most, but all who view the ship feel pity for the ship and its ghostly princess.

Lost Princess

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