Immurk's Hold

  • Founded as an official pirate hold by Immurk in 1170 DR.
  • Traditional home to the Pirate Lord with the highest position and power (or Hurricane King).
  • Largest Port in the Pirate Isles, considered it’s “capitol” and main year-round settlement (population ~5,000)
  • Located on the northwestern side of Dragonisle
  • The city consists of numerous wood structures built upon the half-ruined remains of an expansive ancient Mulhorandi fortress.
  • Supports nearly any trade associated with the sea. But also one of the worst dens of iniquity on the Inner Sea (with the possible exception of Westgate).
  • Since it is essentially a town of freemen, power is law. Edicts of pirate captains are enforced their subordinates.

Law (Immurk’s code): A collection of traditions and generally accepted norms amongst the freemen of the Pirate Isles

  • Immurk’s Hold is open to all free men, and closed to those who wish to limit the freedom of it’s people.
  • A pirate’s life is governed by the will of the gods, do not disgrace them.
  • If Immurk’s Hold is raided by Freesailors or Privateers, every man must fight for the Hold’s defense.
  • Challenges between Captains are to take place on the sea, where the gods can judge, not within Immurk’s Hold.


  • Immurk’s Harbor
    - Protected, breakrocks, harbor chain, capacity 150 ships.
    - At any given time usually has between 20 and 60 ships beached, docked, or in dry-dock for repairs.
  • Greyrock Fortress:
    - Point for the coordination of the defenses
    - Large fortress set 80 feet high in the cliff along the western side of the harbor entrance.
    - 4 Thayan bombards which can fire at any angle between 120 and 480 yards from the top of Greyrock Fortress.
    - Location for the Seathrone and Immurk’s Hall, the seat of power for the Pirate King’s of old and place where the Hurricane Court is held.
    - The first level Great Hall serves as a main trading post for Immurk’s Hold as well.
  • The Pit
    - Part bar, part brothel, part gladiatorial arena.
    - A circular blood-stained sand pit surrounded by wooded bleachers. Wenches and prostitutes serve a grog to roaring crowds.
    - Owned and operated by Pirate Lord Teldar
  • Shipyards
    - Here, the shipwrights and dry docks are able to bear nearly any seagoing vessel.
    - Coopers (barrel-makers) and stevedores (cargo-handlers) repackage ill-gotten cargo and move it to more legitimately flagged vessels for fencing in the other ports of the Inner Sea.
    - Warehouses provide temporary storage for the goods, while moneychangers and usurers manage the huge sums which the pirate trade brings in.
  • The Creaking Cutlass
    - Small, poor fair, strong drinks, no lodging
    - A rickety one story tavern which hangs perilously over the water on a creaking wood deck.
    - Owned by Jomo Shanbaeren a former pirate.
    - After a couple of Jomo’s strong drinks most patrons swear they’re on the deck of a ship.


  • Brightmaw Hall: Temple to Umberlee located on the northern shore at Immurk’s Hold; the largest and most well-attended religious site in the Pirate Isles.
  • Temple of Waukeen
    – A long covered stone roofed structure supported by open archways.
    – A former Mulhorandi marketplace, still used for a good majority of trading on Dragonisle.
  • Temple of Cyric
    – Formerly the largest temple in Immurk’s Hold before the construction of Brightmaw Hall.
    – Not as well attended despite it’s size.

– Assuran of the Three Thunders (Hoar): Well-attended.
– Gond: Attended only by a select few (mainly armsmasters).
– Loviatar: Attended only by a select few.
– Tempus: Well-attended.
– Tymora: Well-attended.

Immurk's Hold

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