• Immurk “the Invincible”, the Hurricane King, and First of the Freecaptains, founder of Immurk’s Hold, the Hurricane Court, first Master of the Seathrone, the “thorn of Sembia”, and captain of Sea Scorpion.
  • The first great pirate leader and “Thorn of Sembia”.
  • Hurricane King of the Inner Sea from 1164 DR until his death in 1201 DR.

Immurk the Bold

  • Began his pirating career by enticing disaffected sailors to his crew, offering them a chance to plunder the many fat merchant vessels of the Inner Sea in return for total loyalty.
  • In 1164 (The Year of Long Shadows), Immurk instantly rose to fame after capturing a merchant-ship of Procampur on it’s way to Suzail which was transporting the coronation crown of Cormyr’s new king, Palaghard I.
  • The crime was so bold, say chroniclers, that the new king nearly declared war on Procampur, as he was sure that no one would be brave enough for such a crime and believed the jewelers of Procampur were cheating him.
  • From this start, Immurk began a wave of raids against merchant ships and unwalled towns. He stole from Cormyr, Sembia, Procampur, and Impiltur, always returning to his secret base on the Dragonisle.

Immurk the Hurricane King

  • Within a few years, Immurk had gained a corsair flotilla of a dozen converted merchant ships, each fearlessly pillaging the various powers of the Inner Sea in his great name.
  • In response, the nations of the Inner Sea begin building their own warships, seeking to defend their merchant fleets and hunt the pirates in their own lairs.
  • However, their shipbuilding efforts were plagued by material shortages, loss of workers, sabotage, and full-on raids by Immurk’’s corsairs whom captured their newly built ships.
  • Chroniclers say that these failures to built sufficient privateer fleets were due to a vast network of spies, agents, and informants which Immurk had simultaneously established.
  • Nine separate expeditions were launched to bring Immurk to justice, and each time Immurk either could not be found, or he overwhelmed the warships with expert seamanship and a knowledge of the Pirate Isles, driving their galleys onto the jagged reefs.
  • Immurk’s vast network of spies and agents continued to seek out rich prizes in every major port on the Sea of Fallen Stars and formed unrest in the Inner Sea region.
  • During his reign, Immurk spread terror across the Inner Sea and the legends say that the High Priestess of Umberlee gifted him with the Storm Crown, during a coronation ceremony at the Halls of the Sea-born in Cimbar, Chessenta.
  • Other chroniclers say that the High Priestess of Umberlee was in fact his lover. Regardless, however, all historians agree that in 1170 DR Immurk became know as the Hurricane King of the Isles.

Immurk the Invincible

  • In 1180 (The Year of Sinking Sails), Immurk became known as “The Invincible” after defeat a fleet of over 30 Sembian warships at Fang Rocks without losing a single one of his 12 pirate ships.
  • Put Sembian cities to the torch even after they paid him tribute.
  • However, Immurk was not entirely a scourge on civilization.
    – Immurk was the first to bring gold and silver from Mulhorand, Unther, and Chessenta to the ports of Cormyr, opening up a slow and unsteady trade with these wealthy nations.
    – In 1182, the crownprince of Lyrabar fled the court of his senile father and his unscrupulous advisors and found sanctuary with Immurk on the Dragonisle until his father passed away and he could return to take the throne.
  • Immurk died of a heart attack at the helm of his ship Sea Scorpion, just after a victory against a Sembian warship in 1201 DR.


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