Fearless Strumpet


  • A sleek Caravel, painted black with a yellow stripe down the side.
  • Capable of sailing close the wind and in possession of a shallow keel the ‘Strumpet is able to sail farther up river than other vessels in it’s class, making it particularly suited for hiding inshore.
  • Flag (Cecil Thompkins sigil) – A red snake curling up a white feminine leg with a yellow garter belt against a black field.

Technical Information

  • Minimum crew: 15 (usually has around 30)
  • Maximum occupancy: 50
  • Power type: three lateen sails, sweeps (oars) in case the ship is becalmed.
  • Tonnage: 160 tons
  • Keel length: 70 feet
  • Beam length 20 feet
  • Armament: 1 large ballista (bow), 1 catapult (main deck).


  • Captain: Tonara
    – 1st Helmsman: Steers the ship in certain times of urgency (or whenever the hell he wants)
    – 1st Navigator: Maintains knowledge of the ship’s position through navigation. The only man on Fearless Strumpet whom truly knows where they are going.
    – Purser: Handles all money on board, whether it is paying for supplies or portioning treasure.
  • First Mate: Mr. Roadsen
    – Carry’s out the captain’s wishes, in charge of the ship whenever the captain is unavailable (gives orders for the sails and rudder).
  • Boatswain (Bosun): Eoghan Smyth
    – In command of the maintenance and operation of the ship’s rigging, sails, anchors, ship’s boat, etc. Plans daily work for the crew. Plays the Bosun’s whistle.
    – Also serves as a 3rd helmsman who is responsible for steering the ship as well as giving orders for the sails and rudder while the Captain and 2nd Helmsman are both indisposed.
  • Coxswain: Argis Reed
    – 2nd Helmsman: Responsible for steering the ship when the 1st Helmsman is not present.
    – 2nd Navigator: Navigates with a sextant and compass along with the Captain.
    – Pilots the Captain’s gig
  • Ship’s Maestor: Vincent Demetrius
    – Advises the captain in all manners “unknowable”, protects the ship from evil curses.
    – Engages in his own personal studies aboard.
    – Teacher to the cabin boy and the less educated crew.
  • Master Carpenter: Marteen “Chips” Kennit
    – Responsible for repairs to the wood components of the vessel
  • Surgeon/chaplain: Lucius Savoyard
    – Responsible for the well-being of the crew, both physically and spiritually.
    – Ensures that the wind is in the vessel’s favor when under way and in times of battle.
  • Surgeon’s mate: Rolen Garris
    – Assists the surgeon
  • Quartermaster: Mr. Landel Morden
    – Cares for the ship’s tiller, compasses, lamps, and flags.
  • Bosun’s mate: Pikey
    – Assists the Bosun, deals out punishment.
    – Plays the recorder, good with a whip.
  • Master armorer: Mr. Stenwood
    – Maintains and mans the ship’s ballista and armory. Also repairs and fashions metal parts and tools.
  • Mess Steward: Boden “Jack” Harvis
    – Prepares the meals, buys food and supplies for the ship
  • Men-at-arms: Ebwin Marsh, Hoary Halfwell, Octavian di Raperazzi.
    – Participate in boarding actions and protect the Captain, First Mate and Bosun against mutiny.
  • Able Seamen (AB): Den Lilard, Butler Antis, Dorenden (plays the lute), Paulo Tambis “Turtle” (plays the drum), John Davis, Devin Connor, Pedner Nimbleboots.
    – All able seamen are responsible for carrying out orders from the Bosun, First Mate and Captain. Set sails, maintain the vessel, clean, and fight.
  • Cabin boy: Little Stevie
    – Runs errands, turns hourglass, brings ballista bolts from below during battle.
  • Lookouts
    – Maintain a position at the crow’s nest or top of the mast, can see for tens of miles in each direction.
    – Generally men-at-arms or ABs who are not working.


Modifications from the standard Caravel:
10. Officer’s Cabins: Though the picture does not show this, there are actually four of these tiny cabins which serve as the private rooms of the ship’s officers. Paying passengers usually bump an officer from his or her cabin to the forecastle. The officer’s cabins are reserved for: First Mate Mr. Roadsen, Bosun Tonara, the quartermaster Mr. Landel Morden, and the ship’s surgeon (now deceased).
11. Ship’s Office: All the ship’s paperwork is kept here, including cargo manifests, pay records, and the ship’s paychest (usually in a sturdy, locked chest). Recently, this has been converted into a personal study and quarters for the Ship’s Maestor Vincent Demetrius

Life on board Fearless Strumpet

  • While under way at any time half of the crew is awake and on deck. At the beginning of the watch, which is eight hours long, the crew coming on watch are awakened, take down and stow their hammocks, eat a quick meal, and go on deck to receive their orders. There are two watches, Larboard (Port) and Starboard. The eight hours on eight hours off pattern ensures that each watch takes the night shift from time to time. A portion of the crew, called ‘idlers’ and consisting of the Quartermaster, Armorer, Steward, Carpenter and Chaplain/Surgeon work an eight hour day and have the rest of the day and evening off.
  • However, during times of heavy weather or battle ‘All Hands’ may be called in which all crew must be present on deck, including the idlers. Generally the Captain will command one watch and the First Mate the other. Time is kept using an hour glass which is trued up at noon each day, noon being the official maritime beginning to the day. The Captain and Coxswain take a noon reading for time and navigation purposes. The crew knows the time via the ship’s bell. The bell is rung each half hour with a particular pattern to indicate the time remaining on the current watch.
  • As a pirate vessel the Captain is elected and all crew are on an equal standing in terms of respect and shares of treasure paid out. However, in order to keep the vessel functioning effectively the Captain’s word is considered law and the crew members must always defer to the officers: Captain, First Mate and Bosun.
  • Meals are served at regular times and consist of breakfast, dinner, and supper. Grog is portioned out at every meal, and also occasionally as a reward from the Captain, and consists of a 1:4 mix of rum and water with a shake of lime juice. A standard allowance amounts to a liter per day. Wine and Beer are also popular when available.
  • Crew are responsible for providing their own sea chest and slops, i.e. clothing, aboard. While personal alcohol is tolerated, if not encouraged on a pirate vessel, any crew member caught drunk while on duty will be punished (see bosun’s mate).
  • The day begins with the watch on duty scrubbing the deck with ‘holystones’, sandstone blocks, and washing down the deck with water. While the ship is crewed by pirates, they are not (all) barbarians. The watch must also man the pumps for 20 minutes or so as any wooden vessel leaks a bit.
  • Off duty crew may stay on deck to take in the sun, mend their clothes or weapons, play dice or music, practice knots, or may go below to sleep, get drunk or otherwise spend their leisure.
  • The quarter deck of the vessel is considered holy, and only the Captain, First Mate, Bosun, Chaplain and may approach it without permission. This allows the Captain room to think, navigate, and speak in private.
  • The Captain, First Mate, Bosun, Chaplain and Maestor have small cabins at the aft of the vessel, while the rest of the crew sleep in hammocks strung amidships and forward below the deck. This area is generally cramped and as only one watch is sleeping at any time the sleeping positions (though not the hammocks) are shared. The sick bay is at the front of the vessel, called the forecastle (or fo’c’sle), and allows injured crew a modicum of privacy to recover.
  • There are two toilets on board, called the heads, which are located at the front of the vessel. These are simply round holes with the open sea below…
  • Due to her shallow keel the ‘Strumpet only has two decks – the main deck and lower deck where the crew sleep. The height of the lower deck is only 4’6” and so it is quite cramped. As such there is not much storage room aboard, other than what can fit in the nooks and crannies between the hull and lower deck. However, for the often short voyages (1-2 months) on the Inner Sea this is more than enough storage. The galley stove sits on the lower deck, forward of the main mast. In addition to the cabins, stove and sick bay the lower deck also contains a sail room and the bilge pump (which is also accessible from the main deck). The ‘Strumpet also has one capstan, behind the main mast on the main deck, which is used to weigh anchor, kedge the vessel (pull itself forward using its own anchor) and lift heavy items.
  • The ‘Strumpet carries three boats
    – The Pinnace: The main sail-powered or rowed boat used for going ashore and carrying supplies.
    – The Launch: Rowed.
    – The Captain’s Gig: The captain’s personal vessel. Is also rowed.

Decreased crew of Fearless Strumpet

  • Captain Cecil Thompkins
  • Papa Barnaby
    – Human, favored Soul 1 of Valkur
    – Honorable and stern, does not like unfair fights and seeks honor in battle.
    – Captain Thompkins and him are old friends and Barnaby is a great healer, so Cecil puts up with his personality.
  • Willy Jack
    – Human, swashbuckler 1,
    – Respectful and honorable. Young kid but mighty amazing with a rapier for his age. Always smiling and has not been soured by life, or by pirating.
  • Dan Fest
    – Human, rogue 1
    – Stern personality and takes fighting (and pirating) seriously.
  • Little Carl
    – Human, monk 1
    – A pugilist and a drunk. Fought Roneth of Rasheman… once.
  • Petey Crowhammer
    – Human, barbarian 1
  • Wendel Dormadin
    – Human, rogue 1
  • Jonah Tarbuck
    – Human, fighter 1

Fearless Strumpet

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