Creaking Cutlass

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  • The Creaking Cutlass has been a fixture of Immurk’s Hold’s harbor district for several decades.
  • A small wooden structure hanging so perilously over the water of Immurk’s Hold Harbor on wood stilts that during vigorous tides the entire tavern shifts and creaks with each wave.
  • The tavern’s floor slopes downward such that over-served patrons whom pass out at their stools have been known to roll right down the floor and land in the shallow water of Immurk’s Harbor.
  • A rusted cutlass hangs over the entrance which has been known to cut a good number of new patrons too drunk to remember to duck their heads as they leave (reflex save DC 10, failure: 1 damage).
  • Catering mostly to pirates and foreign merchants, the Creaking Cutlass is open from mid-afternoon to dawn every day and bustles with business until the wee hours every night.
  • Owned by Jomo Shanbaeren.
  • Jomo serves nearly every kind of alcohol here (wines from Mulhorand, ales from Cormyr, firewater from Aglarond) from the booty he gets back from his pirate patrons.
  • Thus you don’t ask for a specific drink, you just drink what’s open at the moment.


  • On the 3rd of Kythorn 1358 a pack of Dire Rats carrying Filth Fever which had infested the storeroom burst into the tavern and were slain by the Party.

Creaking Cutlass

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