Alphar Isle

  • Population ~3,000 pirates
  • The second largest of the great pirate holdings and is ruled by the iron-jawed ex-pirate Selshin Toshant.
  • The island boasts several harbors, each capable of holding between ten and thirty ships


  • The location of Immurk’s first pirate hold.
  • Nearly as large as the Dragonisle, with more usable land area, but far less desirable for a pirate haven.
    1. Alphar Isle is within easy raiding distance from Procampur and Tsurlagol and thus it suffers from the occasional patrols of these city-states.
    2. Port Alphar is less defensible than Immurk’s Hold.
    3. It’s harbors cannot hold as many ships as the harbors on the Dragonisle.
    4. It is considerably farther from the profitable trading lines with Thay, Mulhorand, and Chessenta, while the Dragonisle is nearly as conveniently located to these as it is to the northern tradelines
  • The Isle of Alphar has been sacked twice in the last 50 years by reprisal fleets, the worse being recently in 1357 when Ser Brock Stenson led a Sembian reprisal and burnt nearly the entire isle to the sand, slaughtering freefolk as they ran into the wilderness.
  • Since then, the locals have appointed Selshin Toshant as “castellan” of Port Alphar, the westernmost harbor.
  • The “citizens” of Alphar Isle hold to Immurk’s traditions as an open port, so nearly anyone on the Inner Sea (except privateers) is welcome in Alphar without reprisal.
  • However, the town will not tolerate raiding from its harbor, as it is too close to the vengeance of the northern nations to tolerate the reprisals.
  • Alphar maintains a militia and its harbor has some breakrocks, and it once had a harbor chain which has now decayed away, but it does not support the kind of defenses available at Immurk’s Hold.
  • The skeletons of the ships of those who have fallen to Alphar’s militia lie smashed along the breakrocks.


Alphar Isle

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