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  • The Bowl

    * Largest area of free-sailing in the Pirate Isles because of it’s depth. * Roughly bounded by Ming Isle, Bulta, Ilthan, and the reefs southeast of Sumbar. * Allows access to all of these islands, as well as Oresk and Paldir.

  • Wyrm Bay

    * Adjacent to the Bowl, roughly circular area of open sea lying inside the eastern curve of the Dragonisle. * Named for the extremely territorial dragon turtles that infest it (which also, incidentally, give the Dragonisle its name). * Thus even though …

  • The Windrace

    * A strait at the northeast edge of the Bowl running from the Bowl to Alphar Isle and beyond * Lies along the lines of the *prevailing winds*, allowing swift travel from the Bowl to Alphar Isle. * In the other direction, however, travel is extremely …

  • The Spoon

    * Runs along the southern edge of [[Alphar Isle]] to the eastern shore of [[Ilthan]] and then south into [[The Bowl]]. * Not as wide as [[The Windrace]], and it has a few sharp twists in it, so it is not as popular an access-way into the central Pirate …

  • The Jaws

    * Runs south of [[Dragonisle]] beneath the high peak of [[The Earthspur]], to the islands of [[Telfar]] and [[Sarr]]. * Known hunting grounds for Megalodons.

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