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  • Port Alphar

    * Protected, breakrocks, harbor chain, [[:selshin-toshant]]’s militia, capacity=15 ships. * Located on the western aspect of Alphar. * An neural open port for most pirate and smuggler ships in the north Pirate Isles which is open to any to put into it's …

  • Immurk's Hold

    * Founded as an official pirate hold by [[Immurk]] in 1170 DR. * Traditional home to the Pirate Lord with the highest position and power (or Hurricane King). * Largest Port in the Pirate Isles, considered it's “capitol” and main year-round settlement ( …

  • Darkharbor

    * A natural harbor of massive sea caves and grottos with calm waters due to the presence of numerous rock formations which jutt from the water just off shore. * Located on the northeastern aspect of Dragonisle. * The seacaves and grottos connect to a …

  • Port Kelthan

    * A large shallow bay protected by a massive stone circular seawall with perfected smooth surfaces. * The seawall (Grumbar's Arm) was supposedly constructed by archons of Grumbar in the days of legend. * These days it is maintained by the local …

  • Black Harbor

    * Natural deepwater bay protected by a man-made seawall which grows higher with each season due to the Zhent presence * Capacity=~60 ships * Located on the northwest side of Mirg Isle. * A very strongly defended open port in the Pirate Isles which …

  • Shadowhold

    * A Zhent controlled sea-fort located on the western side of Mirg Isle somewhat south of Black Harbor. * More shallow in depth than Black Harbor, but also well protected due to a stout seawall. * Capacity=15 ships * Defenses: Breakrocks, harbor chain.

  • Jade Bay

    * A deepwater bay with unnaturally green coloration located on the northern tip of Oresk * The calm waters here are due to a natural seawall created by the island of Bulta to the northwest as well as numerous rocky outcroppings between Bulta and Oresk. …

  • Fairweather Cove

    * A a small natural cove with relatively calm waters (when there aren't prevailing storms) located on the northwest aspect of Sarr. * Has no protective seawall

  • Bitch Queen Bay

    * A natural, very deep harbor which lies relatively unprotected on Telfar's western shore. * A nice place to cast anchor and rest; just don’t leave your ship there too long. * Capacity=~10 ships

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