Liturgy of Valkur

Holy book of Valkur

  • A small book bound and wrapped in boiled sealskin to protect it’s pages from water.
  • A collection of legends, creeds, and rituals relating to Valkur.
  • Compiled by Aldus Dual and handed down to Lucius Savoyard.

Articles of the Holy Fleet

  • Adding to the Fleet – Paragraph 1 versus 4-5 (Second Signing)
    Valkur, great and mighty captain. Take this ship into your fleet and bless it in its travels.
  • Blessing of the first aspect – Paragraph 3 versus 1-2 (Second Signing)
    As this water from the sea covers you see that it is nothing to fear. Take with you this fearlessness and the blessings of the sailor’s friend.
  • Call to Alms – Paragraph 2 versus 14-25 (Second Signing)
    People of [place]! I call upon you to think of the fortunes you have had at sea. The net full of fish, the exotic pearls from common oysters and the storm survived against all odds. These were gifts of Valkur! The great captain, blessed be his generosity. Think now of your brother and sisters lost at sea and do what you can for their families.
  • Petition for daily ration – Paragraph 2 versus 1-3 (Second Signing)
    Valkur, lord of adventure the unbeatable, patron of all who sail. Bestow your blessings upon me this morning and all mornings so your glory can be known to all, and those who see your works may be freed from the lies of the bitch queen.
  • Rights of boarding – Paragraph 1 versus 6-7 (Second Signing)
    Thank you Valkur for this challenge before me, I will take this opportunity to show my bravery.
  • Rights of the injured (Blessing of the Wounded or Dying) – Paragraph 4 versus 26-32 (Second Signing)
    – (To the Injured): The (wo)man before me has suffered doing good works. Smile upon their bravery and take them on as one of your crew.
    – (To those nearby): Look for the next red sun. Under the sky where valor led; It is a signal in the skies. That blood of heroes never dies.
  • Ascent of the Fleet Master – Paragraph 6 versus 4-12 (Second Signing)
    - Before his glorious ascendency Valkur sailed straight to the bitch queen’s fiercest storm. When he came to the eye he swam unharmed amongst her jellyfish to show his bravery. Valkur’s actions enraged Umberlee so that she appeared before him to make him pay homage. When Valkur would not bend she flew into a fit, and as she lashed out like a child Valkur seized the opportunity and took his rightful place as the king of the waves.

Meditations of the Salt Seer

  • 1st Meditation of the Salt Seer: 1st Hour, verses 26-29
    Evil is fear: never stop yourself from being your best.
    Evil is bondage: only a free man can be himself
    Evil is the cage man builds for himself
  • 1st Meditation of the Salt Seer: 2nd Hour, verses 6-7
    Bow not to the fear mongering of the bitch queen’s slaves and pay not her price. She charges for what she does not own.
  • 1st Meditation of the Salt Seer: 9th Hour, verses 1-5
    Blessed be the sea that provides for our stomachs.
    Blessed be the air that provides for our lungs.
    Blessed be bravery that provides for our hearts.
    Blessed be the freedom that provides for our dreams.
    Blessed be the kind that provide for our crew.
  • 2nd Meditation of the Salt Seer: 9th Hour, verse 7
    Master of all ships, fill our sails with your laughter.
  • 4th Meditation of the Salt Seer: 12th Hour, verses 8-10: The blessing of a ship before setting sail
    Valkur. We, your faithful crew seek to embark upon your domain once more. Fill our sails, keep strong the hull and hold our cordage true. Give us strength against all the waves, and if you find our bravery fitting see us safely to the next shore with a full hold.
  • 8th Meditation of the Salt Seer: 4th Hour, verse 1
    Always into the storm! The prize is in the eye!

Conversations with the Salt Seer

  • While searching for survivors
    No man will drown as long as bravery lives in his heart!
  • While taking refuge at sea
    Storms are the results of petulant gods, treat them as you would children.

Lucius Savoyard Statements

  • Mission Statement
    I will not let them fall to the swampy cunt of the bitch queen!
    Blessed be the faithful of Valkur. Their faith shall rot away the bitch queen like waves against stone.
  • Boarding Battle Cry
    Valkur’s bounty is ours for the taking!

Revelations (Lucius Savoyard)

  • 1st Revelation
    I will not drown for I serve the king of the waves, he shall part the ocean before me and the salt water shall be as the air. There is nothing to fear in the ocean, for it was filled with the desires of those daring enough to take them.
  • 2nd Revelation
    The ship upon us seeks to slow your work and blunt my adventures. Give them bale winds and cause the sea to rise up against them.
  • 3rd Revelation
    In the name of the Grand Captain stand down before the brave!
  • 4th Revelation
    I am the break rock of these people. Stand down or be sundered upon me.

Liturgy of Valkur

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