Sheamus Carran

"The Dragonbane", captain of "Fortune's Favor", Pirate Lord of Jaw Rock on Dragonisle

  • Half-elf
  • Rough, short, with a sun-burnt face and slight elven features
  • Flag: A golden horsehoe against a black field


  • Fell off his boat drunk and landed on a sunken chest filled with gold coins so ancient no one can tell their origin… Twice.
  • Shot and killed a blue dragon with a single ballista bolt through the mouth from the deck of Fortune’s Favor while sailing on the Inner Sea.
  • Seduced a sea dryad and lived to tell the tale.
  • In 1357 just before the annual Windrace, the then Lord of Jaw Rock (Bartholomew Hakon) famously said in the presence of the other Pirate Lords “Sheamus, you’ll be master of Jaw Rock the day I drown three times and don’t die. Until then, you’re just a lucky little bastard.”
  • Was proclaimed the Pirate Lord of Jaw Rock that same day after Captain Hakon and his crew were lost at sea during a storm on The Windrace.

Sheamus Carran

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