Selshin Toshant

Ex-pirate captain, current "Castellan" of Alphar Isle

  • Sigil: ?
  • Middle-aged, battle-hardened, ex-pirate captain.

* "They say he wants to go straight, to clean up the place and keep out the pirates! Think of that, in the Pirate Isles! It’s a man’s right to pirate if’n he wants to, and a woman’s too I guess…
- Jomo Shanbaeren"

  • Forty year-old ex-pirate, currently holding the post of Alphar’s leader.
  • Pronounced himself “castellan” of Alphar Isle after the brutal reprisal assault led by Ser Brock Stenson.
  • Since then he has made some effort to “clean up” Alphar harbor, pushing to ban wanted pirates and to open more active trade with Impiltur, Procampur, and Sembia.
  • However, the nations of the northern Inner Sea are not eager to build up ties to a port with such strong associations with the pirates.
  • In addition, hiss efforts are also being resisted some of the residents of Alphar (whose pirate traditions run deep).
  • Some speculate that if Selshin continues this tack, he will soon find himself at the bottom of Alphar’s Harbor.
  • Toshant maintains a militia of 50 veterens to defend the residents of Port Alphar from future attacks (and to keep himself in power).

Selshin Toshant

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