Dread High Trident of Brightmaw Hall at Immurk's Hold


Pale white skin, and long black hair which flows over her left shoulder and covers her otherwise bare left breast. Her hair is bound by a single strand of fresh green seaweed. She wears a blue Procampurian toga which is clasped above her shoulder by a silver brooch shaped like a starfish. The blue silk fabric drapes over her right breast and is tightened at her waist by a belt of seashells and fishskulls. Hanging from the belt is a dagger carved from the fang of some great beast, and a skeletal human hand. Her footsteps clack against the Cathedral’s stone floor revealing fine Sembian leather sandals embroidered with pearls. At her neck hangs a necklace of blue, purple, and green coral at the apex of which hangs a magnificent silver pendant outlined in obsidian with sapphires, and emeralds. The gems depict two great waves parting from another as they crest with glimmering diamonds.


  • Tridents: A motley group of veteran warriors from the Inner Sea whom truly believe Umberlee is their savior and reason for continued life. They train in combat and serve tirelessly for the Church. Wear masterwork scalemail fashioned to resemble fishscales, adorned with wave iconography. Wield tridents, round shields, short swords, and daggers.
  • The Drowned: A small number of initiates from the Untaken whom have survived a Drowning Ceremony and have limited clerical rights.
  • Untaken: A larger number of small folk (craftsmen, sailors, artisans, former merchants) whom have bee spared by Umberlee’s mercy and now loyally support Nerine.


  • Arrived to Immurk’s Hold with a throng of loyal Umberlant servants and sworn fighters on Mirtul 29, 1358, the day Vurgrom the Mighty returned with the slain body of Brightmaw.
  • Became a close ally to Vurgrom through their beliefs in Umberlee’s power.
  • Declared herself Dread High Trident of Immurk’s Hold with the support of Vurgrom’s men.
  • Began directing construction of a great cathedral to Umberlee (Brightmaw Hall) on Kythorn 1, 1358.
  • Holds Hightide prayers each morning and evening at Brightmaw Hall.
  • Has conducted several Drowning ceremonies with the induction of new initiates since her arrival.

True Believer of Umberlee
• The sea is savage; those whom travel it shall pay the price of challenging Her domain.
• All whom the wind and waves can reach shall know the Bitch Queen and fear Her.
• Fair offerings bring fair winds. Those whom do not pay their respect to Her shall find the sea as cold as their hearts.
• Spread the word of Her might; no service shall be done in Her name without paying Her price.
• All fear the wind and wave without the protection of her Tridents.


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