Lucius Savoyard

Human, from Alphar Isle, fisherman turned cleric of Valkur

  • Tall, sinewy human who appears older than his true age, grey hair, black eyes, a weathered Chondathan complexion, and traveler’s clothing.

I was a fisherman, like my father was and his father before him. I had a wife that I loved and people would always ask when we were going to start a family. The only things that made me stand out from my peers was my natural talent for being on any part of ship, my bravado in braving dangerous waters to claim the best catches, the flute that I can barely play. and the fact that I never prayed to Umberlee. I would never go out of my way to antagonize the bitch queen, but I never asked her for anythin’ either. Valkur kept my nets full and I never saw then need to go any other god.

All was well with my life until the shouting came bursting through the village. Some devil named “Ser” Brock had come to our village to burn it. I assembled with the rest of the men of the town to do what we could, but it was nowhere near enough. The thrice dammed son of a bitch brought armored infantry with him and our weapons just bounced off the steel on their chest. It didn’t take long for before we all ran. I found my wife and we fled to the small dock my fishing boat was tied to. I was finishing the prep work on the boat when the patrol came. Two wounded men, likely the remainder of a skirmish. I was hurriedly trying to get the boat away, but I wasn’t fast enough. I dispatched the first one quickly with a lucky blow. The second man and I traded blows while I yelled at my wife to get the boat away. She wouldn’t leave without me and the fighting was inching closer to the boat. I heard the voices of other invaders coming to join the fight. Telling my wife one last time to leave I tackled our attacker into the water. The water at that point in the dock is only a few deep, but easily deep enough to drown two men wrestling on the floor of it. I tried to get up, but my attacker was in a rage and held me down. The other man seemed to lose consciousness before I did, but I was unable to move him off before losing conscience myself.

Then I dreamed. I dreamed of my home burning, of a firm breeze blowing my boat to a distant shore. Of a mighty wave rising up to quench a fiery ship upon the sea. I saw the battle replaying again and again in my head. The replay would speed up and slow and stylized. Again and again our weapons bounced off the attackers. I woke suddenly staring up at a blurred sun. So relieved was to be alive that I stared at the sun for a bit. Only when my wits returned to me did I realize that I was still underwater. I instinctively shot up out of the water and as I rose from the water a voice on the wind said “Respect, but never fear the waves”.

I dragged the body of my drowned assailant to the shore at looted everything worth taking. The prize find being his armor. The attackers had moved on, and I survived by foraging along with other survivors. A few days later a ship came with relief. Among them was Aldus Vual, a cleric of Valkur leading the relief effort. Aldus was interviewing the survivors to determine what had happened. He became very interested in my story and my and especially my dream. Aldus had me travel back with him to a shanty just sough of Immurk’s Hold on Dragonisle. There I spent several months with him in intense study, as well as caring for some wounded sailors, and orphaned children. I ended from my time with Aldus possessing a newfound understanding of the gifts Valkur had granted me, as well as clarity of purpose into the mission Valkur had for me. End the monster Brock. While the fate of my wife is completely unknown to me I am confident that Valkur will lead me to her in time and I feel she is safe. The only question that remains know is… why me?

Lucius Savoyard

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