Hoary Halfwell

Outcast Nobleman From Selgaunt

  • Average height, strongly built human with brown hair and eyes, a Sembian complexion, and traveler’s clothing.

Hoary Halfwell was born the fifth of seven children and the youngest son of Thibault Halfwell and Margetta Ithivisk. His father is a wealthy nobleman that acquired his considerable fortune by marrying into the Ithivisk family. The Halfwells are a powerful merchant house that hails from Selgaunt, the capitol of Sembia. The family crest is a seahawk flanked by laurel in gold on a blue field.
Halfwell crest
Growing up, Hoary wanted for nothing. He was tutored by the scholars of Candlekeep and trained in arms by a retired Zhentilar, a former member of their elite guard called the Dunman. Dun for short. Dun had a fondness for Hoary greater than the other Halfwell children. In the courtyard, Dun taught him to duel in the way a nobleman must, with honor. But, in the alleys, he taught him to fight as one must in real battle, the Zhent way.

Hoary, as the youngest son, would likely never inherit much wealth, which he always resented. He was frequently bored in the castle and would often slip away. He would usually be found getting into trouble in the taverns and whorehouses near Selgaunt’s docks. He is fond (overly fond) of wine, women and song and has lost a small fortune at three dragon ante. As a lad he spent more nights in the jails of Selgaunt than his family will admit to. One day, Thibault, at his wits end with Hoary’s antics, decided to send him away under the watchful eye of a lifelong friend, Captain Cristoph Ryemark. Cristoph was a half elven adventurer who long ago saved his father’s life.

They set sail on the Moon Maiden at dusk in the spring of Hoary’s 18th year. While on board he was given no comforts; he was treated as a common sailor. At first he hated it and longed to escape but under the tutelage of Ryemark he learned the plight of the poor and the satisfaction that hard work can bring. He also learned to shoot a bow as the elves do. For almost two years they sailed, trading goods from port to port. On the return voyage, the Moon Maiden veered too close to the Pirate Isles and was attacked. The dread pirate Black Adder was a cruel man and killed all the crew but spared Ryemark and Hoary. They were taken back to his hidden island stronghold and held for ransom.

One night, Ryemark and Hoary managed to break out, kill the guards on board a small ship and steal away into the night. Ryemark was wounded in the escape and died shortly after they escaped. Hoary kept Ryemark’s bow and swore revenge on Black Adder. Hoary didn’t make it far when a massive storm destroyed his ship. He washed ashore, barely alive, amongst the wreckage on Dragon Isle…

Hoary Halfwell

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