Eoghan Smyth

Human, from Ilipur on Dragon Coast, ex-merchant marine, coxswain of Fearless Strumpet and ranger.

  • Average height strong human with sandy hair, blue eyes, a tan complexion, and explorer’s garb.

Eoghan Smyth was born the 5th son of a fisherman and fishwife in the town of Ilipur on the Dragon Coast. Being an unplanned addition to the household there was not enough to provide for the young boy. As a child he was sent off to a merchant marine Captain and spent his childhood serving on a ship. There he learned of sailing, navigation, fighting and a hatred of pirates. Life was not easy on board – between the constant hard work and the unbendable hierarchy of the ships officers and captain Eoghan’s life was little better than that of a slave. Regardless, Eoghan could not imagine any life other than that on the open sea.

One fateful day a terrible storm capsized the vessel Eoghan was serving on and he was washed ashore on a small island without fresh water or significant life. After preparing for death for several days the gods smiled on the Ranger and he was rescued by a band of Pirates led by the famous Captain Cecil Thompkins of the ship Fearless Strumpet. Although initially Eoghan’s plan was to escape the first moment they came to port, he quickly realized that these were not the terrible brutal pirates from the merchant marine stories. These were free men who lived lives of adventure and bent their knees to no masters. It was here than Eoghan found his true calling. Skilled and now with a new purpose, he quickly rose to ship’s Coxswain, gaining the trust of both the Strumpet’s captain and her crew.

Eoghan Smyth

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