Ebwin Marsh

"Ebb", son of Malwin Marsh, a human boatwright from the Old Marsh in Altumbel turned barbarian.

  • Very tall and sinewy human with brown hair, grey eyes, and an Aglarondan complexion.

1. Where were you born?

  • In a small fishing village along the coast of Altumbel, populated mostly by the extended Marsh family. The village was called Old Marsh, both it and the family named after the large estuary nearby.

2. What level of society were you born into?

  • Lower-middle; shortly after he was born, Ebb’s father Malwin moved his immediate family to Laothkund, a larger (for Altumbel) town, where they worked as fishermen and doing boat repair

3. What did you do as a young adult?

  • Mostly working the family business, fishing and minor boat repair, but also listening to the tales of the merchants and sailors when they came through.

4. What happened that made you want to be a pirate?

  • Ebb noticed that he’d begin to display some of the traits, primarily a strong desire to be at sea and lesser physical characteristics (a strong ability to swim, but more shockingly, a tacky coating on his hands that made him able to climb quickly, but clumsy at throwing his fishing spear).
  • Afraid of the whispered tales he overheard his father tell his mother, and his father’s anger, he’d fled home, knowing he could possibly gain acceptance among the less savory sailing types.

5. How did you get to Immurk’s Hold?

  • Working as a sailor aboard various ships, Ebb made his way to Immurk’s Hold.

Ebwin Marsh

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