Argis Reed

"Badger", human fisherman's son turned bard from Thesk

  • Tall, well-built man with brown hair, a Damaran complexion, and minstrel’s clothing.

Over twenty years ago, on the day of his own birth, the Bard’s father, a simple fisherman from a small coastal fishing and mining village in Thesk found the nearly dead body of a beautiful woman floating in the sea one morning. Unknown to the fisherman at the time, the woman was actually the great bronze dragon, Shashi, whom was nearly killed by her arch nemesis Eshcaz the Red above the open waters of the Sea of Fallen Stars. The fisherman took the greatly injured woman back to his cottage where he and his wife cared for the woman’s many wounds. The strange woman thanked the fisherman for rescuing her from the waters and revealed that she was a bronze dragon whose lair was in the caves nearby the village. The fishermans kindness continued as he wrapped her up tightly in blankets and carried the ailing woman back to her lair.

After hours of travel they arrived. With the last remnants of her energy she transformed into her true form and fell into a deep slumber, but not before she gave the fisherman a single one of her bronze scales as a token of her gratitude, promising to one day return the kindness she was shown. Years later the fisherman died from heatstroke, the sun beating down over the seas he fished on too much for the aged man. His wife passed down to her only son the bronze scale, now secured into a necklace, to protect him, believing in the dragon’s promise of favor. Over many years, the villagers would enter the lair to wake the great bronze dragon during times of uncertainty, but despite their greatest efforts, nothing could break her mystical sleep.

The baby grew to a boy and then to a very young man. Not wanting to mine ore from deep within the earth, as all the young men did, he decided to find his own path. Not feeling a kinship with the earth he left home and became the student of an Wizard that specialized in fire magics. Finding he had absolutely no talent for that art the Wizard released him as a student and the boy was on his way once again. Arriving in Telflamm for the first time saw the seaports and knew either the wind or sea was calling him, and there was only one way to find out which.

The years rolled on and he became a fine sailor and a talented singer, his voice a sweet sound on the air. At twenty years old and on his name day, he returned home and visited the dragon Shashi‘s lair. He sang to her a song of loss and longing and to his great surprise, it woke the dragon. Seeing the scale and realizing that this man was the son of the fisherman whom rescued her, she thanked him for freeing her from her spell, embraced him, and shared many draconic secrets with him…with her beloved Psion. Then she asked him to go forth with the knowledge and slay her enemy, Eshcaz, the red wyrm of the isle of Tan, before he is awoken from his spell-like slumber by his own Psion. Knowing roughly where to start his quest, he traveled swiftly by sea to Immurk’s Hold, always singing of Shashi’s greatness to those that would listen to his melodic voice.

Argis Reed

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