• Argis Reed

    Argis Reed

    "Badger", human fisherman's son turned bard from Thesk
  • Ebwin Marsh

    Ebwin Marsh

    "Ebb", son of Malwin Marsh, a human boatwright from the Old Marsh in Altumbel turned barbarian.
  • Eoghan Smyth

    Eoghan Smyth

    Human, from Ilipur on Dragon Coast, ex-merchant marine, coxswain of Fearless Strumpet and ranger.
  • Hoary Halfwell

    Hoary Halfwell

    Outcast Nobleman From Selgaunt
  • Horus


    Peregrine Falcon familiar to Vincent Demetrius
  • Lucius Savoyard

    Lucius Savoyard

    Human, from Alphar Isle, fisherman turned cleric of Valkur
  • Octavian di Raperazzi

    Octavian di Raperazzi

    "Westgate", a human, ex-lordling from Westgate turned swashbucker
  • Vincent Demetrius

    Vincent Demetrius

    Human from Mordulkin, expelled apprentice from the College of Magick, maestor to Cecil Thompkins
  • Aldus Dual

    Aldus Dual

    "The Saltseer", cleric of Valkur on Stormclaw Bay in Dragonisle , "King of Crabtown"
  • Azla


    Captain of "Black Champion" and Pirate Lord of Alphar Isle
  • Bartholomew Hakon

    Bartholomew Hakon

    Ex-Pirate Lord of Jaw Rock on Dragonisle, the "Twice-Drowned"
  • Brightmaw


    Legendary white leviathan, The"Sun-eater" (deceased)
  • Cecil Thompkins

    Cecil Thompkins

    Former Captain of "Fearless Strumpet", "the witchslayer", "the thorn of Aglarond", former Pirate Lord of Ilthan Isle
  • Crammar


    The "Intriguer", Captain of Gambit.
  • Cristoph Ryemark

    Cristoph Ryemark

    Half-elf, merchant captain of "Moon Maiden" for House Selgaunt of Sembia
  • Damon Adder

    Damon Adder

    "Black Adder", Zhentilar captain of "Sea Snake" and Lord of Darkharbor on Dragonisle
  • Den Lilard

    Den Lilard

    Able Seaman on Fearless Strumpet
  • Eshcaz


    Red dragon from Tan
  • Godwin


    Former keeper of Immurk's Beacon (deceased)
  • Hector Barabus

    Hector Barabus

    Ex-Cormyrian Freesailor, captain of "Black Bell", leader of the Bloody Reavers, Pirate Lord of Oresk Isle
  • Jezgar Skentzin

    Jezgar Skentzin

    "The Fierce", captain of "Umberlee's Get", Pirate Lord of Telfar
  • Jomo Shanbaeren

    Jomo Shanbaeren

    "The Cutlass", former pirate, current owner of the Creaking Cutlass in Immurk's Hold
  • Lord Lionel Ireabor

    Lord Lionel Ireabor

    Blue Dragon Captain of Thauglor’s Fang, Lord Commander of Fort Palaghard
  • Mr. Boggs

    Mr. Boggs

    Harbormaster of King's Harbor at Immurk's Hold, lieutenant for Teldar Urdo
  • Mr. Roadsen

    Mr. Roadsen

    First mate on Fearless Strumpet
  • Nerine


    Dread High Trident of Brightmaw Hall at Immurk's Hold
  • Pedner Nimbleboots

    Pedner Nimbleboots

    Able Seaman on Fearless Strumpet
  • Phillip Londel

    Phillip Londel

    Merchant Lord from Procampur.
  • Razor Charlie

    Razor Charlie

    "The Razor of Westgate", lieutentant and enforcer for Teldar
  • Rotgut


    Blue and gold macaw, bonded to Octavian di Raperazzi
  • Selshin Toshant

    Selshin Toshant

    Ex-pirate captain, current "Castellan" of Alphar Isle
  • Ser Brock Stenson

    Ser Brock Stenson

    "The Shark of Uarhold", captain "Bloodwater" and Freesailor for House Soargyl of Selgaunt.
  • Ser Bryce Longbrooke

    Ser Bryce Longbrooke

    Blue Dragon Captain of ..., based at Fort Palaghard on Prespur Isle
  • Ser Dalvar Corzon

    Ser Dalvar Corzon

    "The pidgeon knight", Captain of "Gullswing", and Cormyrian Freesailor
  • Ser Ryker Uskreven

    Ser Ryker Uskreven

    "The Bold", Lordling of House Uskreven, captain of "Fivestar" in the Sembian Navy
  • Ser Willam Truesilver

    Ser Willam Truesilver

    Blue Dragon, Captain of King's Justice, based on Prespur
  • Shashi


    Bronze dragon from Thesk
  • Sheamus Carran

    Sheamus Carran

    "The Dragonbane", captain of "Fortune's Favor", Pirate Lord of Jaw Rock on Dragonisle
  • Statue That Walks

    Statue That Walks

    Slave soldier trained in Messemprar, The City of Bricks
  • Teldar


    Captain of "Maiden's Kiss", Pirate Lord of Immurk's Hold on Dragonisle, and Master of the Seathrone
  • Thorund


    Craftmaster of Gond, the "Ironfist", Lieutenant to Teldar, Quartermaster and Siegemaster of Maiden's Kiss and Immurk's Hold
  • Tonara


    Captain of Fearless Strumpet
  • Ussax


    Friar of Talona
  • Vurgrom


    "The Mighty", captain of "Maelstrom", Pirate Lord of Hawk's Isle, slayer of Brightmaw
  • Xenz


    Zhentilar captain of "Imperator", Lord of Mirg Isle
  • Zensil


    Bard, lieutenant to Vurgrom