High Seas and Fallen Stars

Session 8

Characters: Lucius Savoyard, Eoghan Smyth, Octavian di Raperazzi, Hoary Halfwell, Vincent Demetrius, Rotgut, Horus.

NPCs: Jezgar Skentzin, Seawolf pirates of Umberlee’s Get, Cecil Thompkins, Mr. Roadsen, Crew of Fearless Strumpet, Fire Coral, 4 Reef Sharks, 2 “shipwrecked” seawolves.

Booty: Empty lead strongbox, Note.

Dates: Evening of 7 Kythorn 1358 to Midday of 10 Kythorn 1358

In Search of Fangs

  • The crew of Fearless Strumpet debark from the pier on a starless night as Immurk’s Harbor remains filled with broken debris, bodies, and sharks.
  • Vincent casts Light upon Horus whom flies ahead of the ship; this helps Strumpet avoid a number of breakrocks within Immurk’s Harbor.
  • Once safely out at sea, the crew set sail northwest for the Fang Rocks according to the navigational chart prepared by Vincent and Eoghan.
  • Strumpet sails with the wind in her sails for the remainder of the night and two more days of clear skies.
  • Arriving at the southron tip of the Fang Rocks in the evening of 9 Kythorn 1358, the crew find the Fangs covered in a thick bank of fog.
  • Captain Thompkins orders the ship’s pinnace, launch, and gig to be prepared to depart into the Fang Rocks at dawn.

The Empty Box

  • On dawn of 9 Kythorn 1358, the party set off in the pinnace under orders from Captain Thompkins to find a lead strongbox and return it to him on the ship immediately without attempting to open it.
  • The party spend the majority of the day burning in the hot sun, avoiding the hazards of the jagged rocks, shifting water levels in the reef, and poisonous Fire Coral.
  • By sunset of that day the party discover two shipwrecked pirates near death on a jagged rock and rescue them by braving the dangerous rocks, and narrowly avoiding a pack of Reef Sharks.
  • On a sandbar somewhat near the two shipwrecked pirates, the party discover a buried lead strongbox.
  • The party is welcomed back to the ship as heroes and celebrate with the crew with rum and song.
  • The festivities are interrupted by a wailing scream from Captain Thompkin’s quarters.
  • Captain Thompkins emerges and explains to the crew that Vurgrom and Zensil have played them for fools and sent them to die in the Fang Rocks searching for something which isn’t there.
  • Thompkins shows the party the lead strongbox’s only content, a Note.

Bloody Seawolves

  • Shortly thereafter, the cabin boy Little Stevie raises the alarm from the crow’s nest of an enemy caravel closing quickly on their position from the southwest: Umberlee’s Get, captained by the bloody seadog Jezgar Skentzin.
  • Captain Thompkins gives the orders to evade Umberlee’s Get by sailing into the rising fog bank to the west, a course dangerously close to the Fang Rocks.
  • Ship’s Maestor Vincent casts a series of false lights, mimicking those of the Strumpet and diverts them further into the Fang Rocks.
  • Strumpet kills it’s own lights and emerges from the fog bank southwest of Umberlee’s Get forcing the enemy caravel to turn-about and pursue from behind.
  • Captain Thompkins orders Strumpet to set sail for the safety of Immurk’s Hold, a 2 day journey with one full day tacking against the wind.
  • Through the night the crew tirelessly sail as the ship tacks against the northwesterly winds with Umberlee’s Get in pursuit.
  • Vincent summons two dolphins and magically lashes them with rope to help pull the ship and give the crew opportunity for rest.
  • During the night the two sailors the party rescued shift into Seawolf form, slip their manacles, and disable the ship’s tiller forcing the ship to lose precious separation from Umberlee’s Get.
  • The party discover and kill both seawolves but repairs to the tiller take time the Strumpet no longer had.
  • By dawn, even with Strumpets tiller repaired, Umberlee’s Get had made up the distance and engaged in a fierce boarding action.
  • Thompkins ordered the crew to maintain as many sailors at ready as possible and to prevent the enemy from boarding so that they could debark once the ship’s were separated.
  • The Party fearlessly defended Strumpet from the gunwales, forcastle, and sterncastle sending numerous Seawolves falling to the waters below.
  • Both ships took damage to their rigging and sails from chainshot and shrapnel; however Strumpet finally managed to separate from Umberlee’s Get.
  • As the ships were parting, Thompkins was rushed by a group of at least 8 seawolves and was seen toppling overboard into the sea.
  • Without an option to rescue their fearless Captain, the crew of Strumpet sailed on toward Immurk’s Hold, still being pursued by Umberlee’s Get.

Rumor Updates

  • The Mysterious Quest of Cecil Thompkins
    – After slaying Brightmaw, Vurgrom got a fresh tattoo depicting a location in the Fang Rocks and returned to Immurk’s Hold.
    – Vurgrom also sent a command to Jezgar Skentzin aboard Umberlee’s Get that they were to kill Captain Thompkins and the crew of Fearless Strumpet somwhere near the Fang Rocks.
    – At Immurk’s Hold, Vurgrom allowed Cecil Thompkin’s maestor, Vincent Demetrius to sketch it during a mock bare-chested fist-fight started by Thompkins.
    – Thompkins, knowing that Vurgrom records the locations of his treasures in tattoo, set off in haste to the Fang Rocks to find a lost treasure buried by Vurgrom after Brightmaw’s slaying.
    – However, Captain Thompkins and Fearless Strumpet sailed into a trap at the Fang Rocks as they came under attack by the waiting Seawolves.
    – Captain Thompkins was last seen toppling overboard in a grapple with 8 seawolves somewhere south of the Fang Rocks.
    – The only thing Thompkins ever told his crew of the item he was seeking was that it was an object of immense power which in the wrong hands could spell disaster for the fate of the entire Inner Sea.



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