High Seas and Fallen Stars

Session 7

Characters: Lucius Savoyard, Argis Reed, Eoghan Smyth, Octavian di Raperazzi, Vincent Demetrius, Horus, Rotgut.

NPCs: Cecil Thompkins, Mr. Roadsen, Mr. Boggs, Nerine, Razor Charlie, Tonara, Thorund, Godwin.

Booty: 15 SP, Pair of hammered brass cups (10 gp), Cutlass, Vial of alchemist’s fire, Bottle of Dragonbite Bitter Ale (15 GP), Bottle of Frenzywater (15 GP), 2 Bottles of Pulsch brown ale (8 GP each), Bottle of wine (2 GP), Cask of rotgut moonshine (5 SP).

Dates: Dawn of 6 Kythorn 1358 to Evening of 7 Kythorn 1358.

  • After the cataclysmic storm ended, with stars falling from the sky to the seas and lands beyond; reality slowly began to take form again around Immurk’s Hold.
  • The party notice that the light from the Immurk’s Beacon was no longer shining after the storm.
  • They also learn that the cathedral under construction at the shore of Immurk’s Hold was undamaged by the terrible storm despite it’s seaside location.
  • Their stomach’s growling, the party pay a survivor for some mysterious roasted fatty meat, which later they realize is a chunk of flesh and blubber torn away from Brightmaw by the ferocious winds.
  • The party descend back down into Immurk’s Harbor and walk up to the new seaside cathedral: Brightmaw Hall.
  • Inside, they find almost a hundred Untaken, laboring on the cathedral in their blue sashes, tunics, or other garments under the supervision of several Undrowned in roughspun blue-green robes.
  • Guarding Brightmaw Hall are at least 30 to 40 Tridents in masterfully crafted scale mail.
  • The party travel to the back of the cathedral to observe a Drowning ceremony at the end of the daily low-tide prayer.
  • Argis Reed leaves Brightmaw Hall immediately and begins professing the great deeds of Shashi and the terrible dangers of Eshcaz gathering a crowd of interested onlookers.
  • Inside, Nerine, the Dread High Trident of Immurk’s Hold, introduces herself to the party and offers any service she can to protect them.
  • The party rather politely refuse her blessings as one of the acolytes dies and is pushed into the harbor to join Umberlee’s service. The other man survives and is clothed in blue-green roughspun of an Undrowned.
  • At the sight of a newly drown man, Lucius Savoyard leaps into the harbor; however the man is consumed by a pack of massive sharks, and lucius quickly flees back to the temple.
  • The waters of Immurk’s Harbor are now infested by massive sharks; lured by the dead men and debris following the storm, as well as the rotting flesh of Brightmaw.
  • Lucius is congratulated by the priests and servants of Umberlee for his act of bravery in the face of such danger.
  • As the party leave Lucius swears to Valkur under his breath that this place will be in the name of Valkur some day.
  • The party then investigate the lighthouse known as Immurk’s Beacon, finding the door unlocked, and the small one room cottage occupied by only the corpse of the former lighthouse keeper Godwin, and his loyal blue macaw Rotgut
  • Rotgut‘s squaks alert the party to possible foul play "You won’t get away with this", “You cocksucker”, “What are you doing?” “Who are you?”.
  • The party discover that the lighthouse keeper was poisoned by a guest while drinking together at a small table in the cottage.
  • At the top of the lighthouse, the party discover that it was destroyed from within by a sonic blast of some sort.
  • Vincent uses his alchemical knowledge to re-light a basic fire; however without advanced glass and metallurgical craftmanship, the lighthouse will be all but functionless.
  • In the early afternoon, the party report back for ship duty at Fearless Strumpet and receive orders from Mr. Roadsen.
  • Over the next two days the party labor hard with the rest of the crew to get the ship into prime condition to sail again.
  • Vincent and Lucius heal the crewmembers wounded by the storm.
  • Eoghan and Vincent plot a course to the Fang Rocks, and Eoghan predicts at least 6 days of warm weather with fair north by east winds and no precipitation.
  • Although only 30 miles as the crow flies from Immurk’s Hold to the southern tip of the Fangs; by ship along Dragonisle’s coast it will be 65 miles; a journey which will take the Strumpet about 32 hours of sailing.
  • Once into the Fang Rocks however; their course will depend on the intuition of Cecil Thompkins and take an undetermined amount of time due to the incredibly dangerous sailing within the Fangs.
  • Eoghan and Argis repair the rigging and sails with Tonara.
  • Argis assists master carpenter “Chips” with caulking the ship and pumping out bilge water all while inspiring the crew with heroic tales of dragons and man.
  • Lucius briefly visits a shrine to Gond only to learn that the Craftmaster, Thorund lives at Greyrock Fortress.
  • Lucius meets up with Octavian in line to see Teldar at the greathall.
  • Lucius and Octavian bribe the guards with a bottle of Pulsch brown ale and get a private visitation with Quartermaster Thorund himself.
  • Octavian and Lucius carouse with the Quartermaster and drink a bottle of Dragonbitter ale.
  • After much drinking, bribery, and sqauking curses by Rotgut, the Quartermaster agrees to sell the group all of the necessary supplies they need to get Fearless Strumpet ready for a long sail.
  • Later that night Argis and Octavian return with hand carts and deal with Teldar’s suspicious, cruel, and dangerous strongman, Razor Charlie who allows them to part with their goods after an additional 10% supervisory fee.
  • With all of the ship’s supplies safely onboard, and the crew asleep, Vincent takes watch.
  • Vincent catches a thief in an attempt to steal the newly acquired goods from the ship’s main deck with a Light spell.
  • The thief runs away empty-handed, but the goods remain safe.
  • All throughout the next day and well into the evening, the Strumpet’s crew labor hard to finish the work.
  • At the end of the day, Cecil Thompkins himself makes an appearance on the ship and gives a rousing, but confusing speech stating that the they are about to set off on a journey which will take them into the jaws of death, but with the chance of the greatest single treasure of them all.
  • Captain Thompkins orders the ship to leave at once, to the dismay of a number of the crew due to the unvaroavable conditions (night, without a functioning lighthouse, in a harbor filled with debris and massive sharks).
  • Octavian convinces the Harbormaster Mr. Boggs, a man whom hates Thompkins and Mr. Roadsen to lift the harbor chain.

Rumor Updates:

  • The Mysterious Quest of Cecil Thompkins
    – Cecil Thompkins ordered Vincent Demetrius to sketch one of Vurgrom’s freshest tattoos after returning from the slaying of Brightmaw. Vincent’s Sketch, a map apparently leading to some location within the Fang Rocks apparently leads to some great treasure beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, at least Cecil Thompkins thinks so.
  • The Dead Lighthouse Keeper
    – During the Storm of Fallen Stars, the lighthouse keeper of Immurk’s Hold Harbor was poisoned. It appears the top of the lighthouse was destroyed by a sonic blast from within during the storm.
  • The Slaying of the Sun-Eater
    - Vurgrom the Mighty slayed Brightmaw, towed the body to Immurk‚Äôs Hold, and it is being used for construction of Brightmaw Hall, a great cathedral to Umberlee by Dread High Trident Nerine, a recent ally of Vurgrom’s.



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