High Seas and Fallen Stars

Session 6

Characters: Lucius Savoyard, Octavian di Raperazzi, Argis Reed, Hoary Halfwell.

NPCs: 3 Dire Rats, 2 Wererats, 1 Otyough, Ussax.


  • Coins: 12,800 SP, 1600 GP.
  • Goods: Steel pledge badge for Teldar (10 GP), 4 pairs of sealskin boots (10 GP each), Granite dice (10 GP), 2 Freshwater pearls (10 GP), Carved whalebone dirk (50 GP), Pair of bronze bracers (100 GP)
  • Items: Masterwork composite longbow (+1 STR), Leather armor, Potion of cure light wounds, Potion of lesser vigor, Scroll of cure moderate wounds (D), Scroll of Identify (A), Scroll of rope trick (A), Scroll of earthbind (D), Scroll of lesser restoration (D), Wand of magic missile (CL 1st, 10 charges), 2 Wands of cure light wounds (10 charges each), Wand of detect magic (10 charges), Wand of cure light wounds (10 charges), Everburning torch, Tanglefoot bag, Thunderstone, Masterwork healer’s kit (100 GP), Climber’s Kit

LEVEL UP! (The party henceforth shall be level 2).

Dates: 4 Kythorn 1358 to 6 Kythorn 1358.

  • The Party re-groups after their previous fight with 16 Dire Rats and a zombie pirate.
  • Argis Reed hums a ballad for the party concerning the caves of Immurk’s Hold.

A man of Immurk‘s crew made an attempt to escape with his life after Immurk discovered him sleeping with one of Immurk’s prized bed-slaves.

The pirate climbed up the mountainside adjacent to Immurk’s hold and while nearly at the top, and exausted, he was bitten by a snake and fell into a great natural chimmey in the rock.

The long fall terrified the pirate but he survived the fall after landing in a massive rubbish pile (in these very caves).

When Immurk’s men found him snake and rat bitten, terrified, and covered in rubbish, Immurk declared the man had adequately atoned for his crime and accepted him back to his crew.

These caves have been used as rubbish pits and prisons ever since.

  • The party discover that the source of the cries for help are from a feverish and parched pirate named Scudder being held prisoner in a cell within the cave.
  • Scudder informs the party that a man he refers to as “the crow” (Friar Ussax) has been capturing and imprisoning pirates and inflicting them with diseases.
  • Many of the the “crow’s” experimental subjects have died and been fed to a growing pack of Dire Rats which the crow has been breeding.
  • Other prisoners have succumbed to their illnesses and become undead zombies.
  • Scudder informs the party that the crow (Ussax) intends on spreading filth fever and other deadly afflictions from Immurk’s Hold to every port in the Inner Sea.
  • Scudder is the only survivor but is obviously infected, and feverish.
  • Lucius binds Scudders hands and frees him from the cell, however; shortly after Scudder cuts himself free with a knife during a febrile seizure.
  • Scudder transforms into a feral rat creature (wererat) and a corpse from within Scudder’s cell leaps to life transforming into a second wererat.
  • The wererats call out to their “master” the Friar Ussax and as blades are drawn the party is set upon by an Otyough, 3 Dire Rats, and the Friar himself.
  • Octavian di Raperazzi distinguishes himself in the fight, nimbly avoiding Dire Rat bites and Otyough tentacles while driving his rapier through the chests of both Wererats and the Otyough.
  • The Party slay Friar Ussax, but not before he grabs Hoary Halfwell’s right hand, afflicting Hoary with Black Spot, the mark of death.
  • The party search the remainder of the caves finding that the Friar Ussax has indeed used these as a base to develop deadly strains of Filth Fever and other afflictions.
  • In a the Friar’s personal chamber the party discover a large sailor’s footlocker containing many strange scrolls, potions, wands, and personal effects (see Booty).
  • In the process of searching Lucius Savoyard steps on poisoned wood stakes hidden within a garbage pile and is sapped of much of his strength.
  • The party find an alternate entrance to the caves which opens up into a much cleaner cavern which overlooks Immurk’s Hold, the harbor, and the sea beyond.
  • Octavian struggles, but manages to build a fire and the party wash themselves in rain water and bind their scrapes and cuts.
  • Looking out over Immurk’s Hold, and the harbor below; the party realize that the temporary reduction of the winds and rain indicate that Immurk’s Hold is now in the “eye of the storm”.
  • The party waits out the second half of the Summer Storm in the cave over many hours.
  • Lucius attends to the party with bleedings, cool water, and compresses, as each man battles the terrible sweats, fevers, and shakes of Filth Fever.
  • Outside the Storm reaches a crescendo as lighting bolts and thunder become so frequent as to turn the dark night’s sky into a continuous deafening roar and blinding light.
  • The characters watch as the shanty shelters of Immurk’s Hold below are ripped from their ancient Mulhorandi foundations and disintegrated by he Storm’s shear power.
  • Several ships in the harbor are struck by lightning bolts and erupt into flame before rapidly sinking.
  • At the height of the maddening cacophony the sky itself cries out in a single great roar.
  • As the blinding light and thunder diminish the Party see numerous stars falling from the sky above; falling to the sea and the lands beyond.
  • After minutes of still silence and shock, the sea breeze returns, and with it the sounds of dripping water, the cries of women, shouts of men, the smells of salt, smoke, and rain.
  • Argis Reed recalls to the party the legends of the Sea of Fallen Stars:

Some say that in the days before man, the gods cast the titans down to Ferun for their arrogance. They fell as blinding points of light. Stars. And their catastrophic impacts sundered the land creating the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Others say that the gods sent threw the first dragon eggs down from the heavens. The eggs fell as great stars and tore the land apart creating the Sea of Fallen Stars.

  • Minutes later, massive waves of rarefaction from some great but distant sea impact to the west of Dragonisle crash over the harbor’s great seawall and sink a quarter of the pirate fleet numbering 150 ships.
  • From their vantage the party also see that the body of Brightmaw has been dragged onto the seaside foundation of an ancient Mulhorandi sea-god temple.
  • It appears that over the past few weeks the pirates have been converting the increasingly skeletal remains of Brightmaw into a cathedral to some god.

Rumor Updates

  • Rubbish Cave / Filth Fever! (COMPLETE)
    - The party has successfully stopped Friar Ussax of Talona from spreading Filth Fever in Immurk’s Hold and to the ports beyond.
  • The Summer Storm
    - The hurricane climaxed into a cataclysmic event sending the stars from the heavens above to fall to the sea and land of Ferun.
  • The Slaying of the Sun-Eater
    - After Vurgrom the Mighty slayed Brightmaw the body was towed back to Immurk’s Hold, butchered, looted of treasure, and is now being converted into a great cathedral above the ruins of an ancient Mulhorandi sea-god temple.



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