High Seas and Fallen Stars

Session 5

Characters: Lucius Savoyard, Ebwin Marsh, Argis Reed, Hoary Halfwell, Octavian di Raperazzi, Vincent Demetrius.

NPCs: 16 Dire Rats, 1 pirate zombie.

Booty: 5 silver pieces, 1 gold piece.

Dates: 3 Kythorn 1358 to 4 Kythorn 1358.

  • The Party decides to rest in a cave tunnel which lead away from the choking putrid smoke which fills the outer cave from which they entered.
  • Though cramped, the party rests and regains some strength in the tunnel.
  • By morning they go back into the cave entrance to find the hurricane to have strengthened. Dragonisle is being battered terribly by the storm.
  • Lucius prays in the waters which flood into the cave and the party ventures off deeper into the caverns seeking more hidden pirate booty, better shelter, and this follower of Talona whom Jomo Shanbaeren suspects is being the Filth Fever outbreak.
  • The party breaks down an iron door and enter deeper into the old rubbish caves.
  • The party kills 16 Dire Rats, 1 half-eaten pirate zombie, and set off a trap clearly set by a man recently in this space.
  • During the fighting Argis Reed kills the zombie with his hand axe, but is wounded in the process.
  • The Party hears sounds of a man escaping and locking iron doors behind him deeper in the caves ahead.
  • Octavian di Raperazzi contracts Filth Fever.


  • Filth Fever!
    – A Friar of Talona has been living in the old rubbish caves, killing pirates whom come to burn the garbage, and breeding Dire Rats to spread Filth Fever.
  • The Summer Storm
    – A hurricane of proportions and fury usually only seen in autumn is battering Dragonisle from the southeast.



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