High Seas and Fallen Stars

Session 4

Characters: Hoary Halfwell, Lucius Savoyard, Octavian di Raperazzi.

NPCs: Mr. Roadsen, Den Lilard, the crew of Fearless Strumpet, Mr. Boggs, 3 pirate militiamen (loyal to Teldar), the 1-armed Otyugh.

Booty: small seachest (800 silver pieces, 1 scroll).

Dates: 3 Kythorn 1358.

  • Aboard the docked Strumpet, the Party notices Mr. Boggs and 3 of his harbor militiamen approach the ship through the downpour and rising winds.
  • Mr. Roadsen and the Party meet Mr. Boggs and his men on the pier.
  • Mr. Boggs attempts to convince Mr. Roadsen to stop this madness immediately because if Strumpet leaves the pier it will be thrown against the other ships in the harbor and put the entire Pirate Fleet at risk.
  • During the conversation, Octavian notices a sailor fall into the dangerous waters between Strumpet and the pier and calls “MAN OVER BOARD!”
  • Hoary and the able seamen lower two rescue lines while Octavian and Lucius drive in.
  • The Party rescues able seaman Den Lilard, pump the water from his lungs, and heal his wounds.
  • Den lilard says he must have fallen overboard after a night of drinking and had a vision of a squid pulling him down below the waves.
  • Lucius gives him a penance of pouring half his wineskin to the sea each day until his drinking is under control.
  • Mr. Roadsen agrees that to set sail in these worsening conditions is madness and orders the ship to be secured.
  • The Horn of Greyrock Fortress blasts once (for hurricanes) and the crew of Fearless Strumpet run for shelter in the caves of Immurk’s Hold.
  • After some frantic searching, the party finds one of the last unoccupied cave entrances and enters finding a stinking garbage pit.
  • Lucius wades into the waste to find firewood from a broken wagon and falls in as the garbage shifts.
  • The Party is attacked by a 1 armed Otyugh and Lucius drops his oil lantern into the dried out, methane-rich garbage causing a fire to erupt.
  • Octavian and Hoary combine for deadly critical hits against it’s aberrant anatomy and slay it.
  • Searching around the burn pit, the party finds a small seachest containing 800 silver pieces and a scroll hidden behind a rock.
  • Also behind the rock is an entrance to a deeper cave tunnel which is not filled by a choking putrid smoke.
  • Lucius and Octavian contract Filth Fever.


  • The Rubbish Cave
    – A cavern rubbish burn-pit (used by the party as refuge from a storm) appears to have been recently used as a hiding spot for someone
    – The pit has not been recently used to burn waste.
    – The Otyugh has had 1 arm cut off by a blade.
    – Someone hid a chest with 800 silver and a scroll there.



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