High Seas and Fallen Stars

Session 3

Characters: Hoary Halfwell, Lucius Savoyard, Octavian di Raperazzi, Vincent Demetrius.

NPCs: Jomo Shanbaeren, 12 Dire Rats, 3 Pirates (crew of Fortune’s Favor), 3 Pirates (crew of Maiden’s Kiss), Mr. Roadsen, Tonara, the crew of Fearless Strumpet.

Booty: Jar of 14 Archon Mushrooms, free fare at the Creaking Cutlass tavern.

Dates: 3 Kythorn 1358.

  • Arriving at the Creaking Cutlass Tavern are: Vincent, then Lucius and Hoary, followed later by Octavian; all weary from their travels and in much need of food and drink.
  • All but Octavian slice their foreheads on the rusted cutlass which hangs low over the threshold much to the amusement of the owner Jomo Shanbaeren.
  • The Party overhears three pirates from the crew of Fortune’s Favor drunkenly bragging about Captain Sheamus Carran’s exploits (most of which seem impossible).
  • Jomo lets Lucius drink for free (because he is a cleric of Valkur) and Lucius gets sloppy drunk on a near-empty stomach along with Hoary.
  • Lucius passed out, falls off his stool, and rolls slowly down the slope of the tavern floor and off the pier into the water of Immurk’s Harbor.
  • While passed out the laughter of the tavern turns into hideous laughter within Lucius’ mind and he has a vision.
  • Lucius’ vision is of his wife on the rowboat, but this time she is fighting bravely as she is viciously bitten by numerous black snakes. Her many bloody bite wounds drain and the blood forms a red snake which slithers up her leg and fights off the black snakes. Still, she dies of her wounds.
  • Lucius wakes up as he splashes into the water of Immurk’s Harbor, and the first thing he sees when he rises from the cold water is Vincent’s armband (the sigil of Cecil Thompkins.
  • Lucius prays briefly to Valkur, and records his vision in the Liturgy of Valkur.
  • Vincent introduces himself to Hoary and Lucius and the three decipher vincent-s-sketch with the help of Jomo.
  • Octavian ravenously eats multiple bowls of Jomo’s Brown Stew and drinks sparingly.
  • Hoary notices Octavian (calling him “Westgate” by his appearances) and drunkenly picks a fight with him because of the dishonesty of most men from Westgate.
  • During the brief fight, Hoary slams Octavian into the back wall of the tavern, knocking the baseboard loose which allows a startled pack of twelve Dire Rats (whom were feeding in the back storeroom) to run into the tavern’s dining room.
  • The other severely drunken patrons run out of the Creaking Cutlass screaming Filth Fever!, Filth Fever!
  • Vincent incapacitates nine of the twelve rats with numerous bursts of Color Spray from his staff, but is bitten and scratched multiple times in the process.
  • Octavian, Lucius, and Hoary kill three rats and cut the heads off the remaining 9 incapacitated ones.
  • Lucius and Vincent drag the diseased bodies onto the pier and dump them in Immurk’s Harbor while a terrible storm pours rain down on Immurk’s Hold.
  • Lucius and Vincent note that each Dire Rat has a triangular mark of three festering sores on it’s body (a symbol of Talona).
  • Vincent contracts Filth Fever.
  • Jomo profusely thanks the Party and says they don’t have to pay for all their food and drink, they are welcome back anytime.
  • Hoary notices a strange jar of white mushrooms (Archon Mushrooms) behind the bar and Jomo gives them to him for his fighting, but warns not to eat too many too fast.
  • After the fight, Vincent recruits Hoary, Lucius, and Octavian to be men-at-arms aboard Fearless Strumpet.
  • Vincent leads Hoary, Lucius, and Octavian to Fearless Strumpet as the bosun Tonara and first mate Mr. Roadsen direct the final resupply.
  • Mr. Roadsen directs a roll call for the ship’s crew, all but Captain Cecil Thompkins are present.
  • Lucius leads the crew in a brief prayer to Valkur aboard the Strumpet in the darkness of a torrential downpour.


  • Misc
    – Teldar’s men as well as any cleric of Valkur eat and drink for free at the Creaking Cutlass Tavern.
  • Filth Fever!
    – An unusually potent strain of Filth Fever is spreading rapidly through Immmurk’s Hold starting just about a ten-day ago.
    – Jomo has heard of a number of massive rats (Dire Rats) which have been seen near the ancient caves to which Immurk’s Hold is built against.
    – Based on this and the finding of a symbol of Talona on the rats, Jomo thinks there is a priest of Talona whom is spreading the plague from the caves by way of Dire Rats.
  • The Slaying of the Sun-Eater
    Vurgrom slayed Brightmaw on the Alamber Sea recently and returned with the body to be carved up at Immurk’s Hold.



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