High Seas and Fallen Stars

Session 2

Characters: Argis Reed, Ebwin Marsh, Eoghan Smyth, Hoary Halfwell, Lucius Savoyard, Octavian di Raperazzi, Vincent Demetrius.

NPCs: Cecil Thompkins, Jezgar Skentzin, crew of Fearless Strumpet, crew of Umberlee’s Get, 1 Seawolf pirate (Jezgar’s man), Vurgrom, 1 pirate brawler (Vurgrom’s man), 3 night mask assassins, Hector Barabus, crew of Black Bell, 2 pirates (Barabus’ men), the Black Beast, Phillip Londel, crew for Phillip Londel, 1 Statue That Walks (Londel’s guard).

Booty: None.

Dates: 2 Kythorn 1358 – 3 Kythorn 1358

  • While stalking the North Sealane for a merchant vessel, the caravel Fearless Strumpet is pursued by the caravel Umberlee’s Get.
  • The crew of Umberlee’s Get has the clear favor from the winds and rapidly gains on Fearless Strumpet.
  • Terribly depressed, and obviously drunk, captain Thompkins tells his crew to pick up arms and fight to their certain deaths against the fearsome reavers from Umberlee’s Get; moral on the ship sinks.
  • Hours later as Umberlee’s Get approaches faster, captain Thompkins emerges from his quarters holding his Lord’s Coin and thanks the gods (even Umberlee) in joyous happiness. He then rouses the crew with a speech and tells all the able-bodied-seaman to ready to sail away while the men at arms should stay on the Strumpet and not board against Umberlee’s Get.
  • The caravels Fearless Strumpet and Umberlee’s engaged in fierce boarding actions against one another.
  • Eoghan and Vincent defend the helm from a fierce pirate from captain Skentzin’s crew and discover he is a Seawolf before killing him.
  • Captain Thompkins swings over to Umberlee’s Get, engages in swordplay with captain Skentzin, kills 3 of Skentzin’s crew, and cuts loose a good portion of the ship’s rigging.
  • During the battle Vincent is bitten in the neck by the Seawolf, and Fearless Strumpet takes heavy casualties. All of the men-at-arms are killed as well as a number of the able-bodied-seamen.
  • Vincent contracts Seawolf Lycanthropy.
  • With Ummberlee’s Get disabled from torn rigging, captain Thompkins swings back to the Strumpet and orders a full retreat back to Immurk’s Hold.
  • Vincent casts Animate Rope to free the ties between the two caravels and then helps prepare the dead crew for a burial.
  • Eoghan deftly steers Fearless Strumpet free, helps repair the ship’s own rigging, and sets a direct course to Immurk’s Hold.
  • Eoghan sails the Strumpet through a terrible storm and brings her safely against the private pier for Pirate Lord Cecil Thompkins at Immurk’s Hold Harbor.
  • Captain Thompkins orders Eoghan and Vincent to come with him on shore and the rest of the crew to rapidly re-supply the ship and make repairs such that the Strumpet can make a departure within hours.
  • Eoghan and Vincent follow captain Thompkins who strides into The Pit below Greyrock Fortress and subsequently challenges Pirate Lord Vurgrom to a bare-fisted, bare-chested one-on-one combat to unconsciousness.
  • On Thompkin’s orders, Vincent (not so inconspicuously) draws a picture of Vurgrom’s freshest tattoo as Thompkins is pummeled mercilessly by the brute. Eoghan fights off one of Vurgrom’s men with fisticuffs who threatens Vincent during the melee.
  • After the melee, captain Thompkins marches off (seemingly inspired again) and tells Eoghan and Vincent to find a new crew of men-at-arms to replace the Strumpets losses and points them in the direction of the Creaking Cutlass.
  • During their walk through Immurk’s Hold, Eoghan and Vincent see the carcass of a massive grey leviathan Brightmaw being butchers by multiple crews of workers in the shipyards.
  • Eoghan and Vincent walk into the Creaking Cutlass for more than a swig of grog while captain Thompkins goes off to Greyrock Fortress to attend the Hurricane Court.
  • Octavian, fleeing a number of pursuing Night Mask assassins, arrives in Tidetown at the Bent Mermaid Inn.
  • Just outside the Inn Octavian sees a Cormyrian Freesailor caravel nearly ready to set sail; inside he finds a Cormyrian Freesaling captain having a last drink with 4 of his men.
  • Desperate, and without time to spare, Octavian buys the men a round of ale and initiates some conversation.
  • The captain quickly surmises that Octavian is a di Raperizzi lordling and offers Octavian a position on his ship.
  • Octavian kisses the captain’s blade and walks aboard the caravel just in time to see 3 assassins on the pier in pursuit.
  • While safely at sea Octavian is surprised when the crew disassembles parts of the vessel’s gunwales and sails, changing the vessels profile to that of the infamous pirate ship, Black Bell.
  • In self defense, Octavian draws his rapier lunges and is immediately parried and disarmed by the savvy captain of Black Bell, Hector Barabus.
  • Octavian is flogged nearly to death and tied up in the Black Bell’s lower deck.
  • Ebb escapes lynching due to his “abnormality” and joins up with a merchant crew at Port Spandeliyon in Altumbel, however while at sea the brutal bosun and his mates discover Ebb’s “abnormality” and decide to maroon him.
  • Ebb is marooned on a tiny circular desert island on the edge of a vast archipelago and discovers that beneath the sand is a sunken temple to an ancient cyclopian pantheon of 6 gods (each statue has a massive and priceless gem within it’s eye socket).
  • Ebb is driven to madness by a deep humming “song” from a massive beast with black tentacles from the depths below the temple.
  • Argis has difficulty finding passage from Telflamm to the Pirate Isles until he impresses a jolly, indulgent pig-faced merchant from Procampur named Phillip Londel while singing for coppers in a dockside tavern.
  • Argis joins Phillip Londel’s crew as his minstrel and quickly raises the spirits of the ship’s crew, becoming a favorite on the ship.
  • At sea one day Argis spots movement on a tiny isle and alerts the crew whom send out a rescue boat on Phillip Londel’s orders.
  • Argis arrives at the tiny isle to find Ebb dancing and murmuring to himself in madness and begins to hear the deep rhythmic “song” which has overwhelmed Ebb’s mind.
  • Ebb flees from Argis in a hallucinatory state, until Agris sings a Countersong.
  • Ebb breaks free of the maddening tones and comes aboard Phillip Londel’s ship.
  • Just two days later, their merchant ship is pursued and boarded by the crew of the fearsome Black Bell led by Hector Barabus.
  • Argis and Ebb valiantly defend the ship’s sterncastle against 3 pirate attackers, but the battle is lost on the main deck and forecastle.
  • Argis and Ebb are flogged and tied up in the lower deck of Black Bell with Octavian.
  • Pillip Londel is taken captive on the upperdeck of Black Bell and the merchant vessel.
  • The merchant vessel is sailed back to Oresk by some of Black Bell’s crew and the Black Bell makes haste for Immurk’s Hold.
  • While in port, Argis, Ebb, and Octavian escape their bonds, kill 2 of captain Barabus’ men, and escape the Black Bell to arrive at the Creaking Cutlass.


  • The Reaving Seawolf
    – Jezgar Skentzin, the Pirate Lord of Telfar and the crew of his caravel, Umberlee’s Get, have become reavers, attacking anyone (including pirates).
  • The Slaying of the Sun-Eater
    – Recently, in the Alamber Sea, Vurgrom killed a legendary leviathan known as Brightmaw and then towed the body back to Immurk’s Hold for butchering and glory.
    – Towing the body to Immurk’s Hold has stirred up the host of aggressive Megalodons whom make their home in the waters just southwest of Dragonisle.
  • The Hurricane Calls
    – Pirate Lord Teldar has called his Pirate Lords back to the Hurricane Court at Greyrock Fortress in Immurk’s Hold.
  • Misc
    – Hector Barabus forbids his men to go to the Creaking Cutlass while in Immurk’s Hold.
  • Ancient Ghol-Gan
    – There is a pristine and massive cyclopian temple to 6 ancient gods sunken somewhere in the Inner Sea.
    – Each statue contains a priceless gem within it’s eye-socket. The site is home to the Black Beast.



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