High Seas and Fallen Stars

Session 1

Characters: Lucius Savoyard, Hoary Halfwell.

NPCs: Cristoph Ryemark, 5 Sembian merchant sailors (Cristoph Rymerk’s men), 1 poisonous Small Spider, 8 Zhentilar pirates (Damon Adder’s men), Aldus Dual, numerous Stormclaw Crabs, Little Thom (blacksmith rescued by Aldus Dual), 30 “crabtown” refugees.

Booty: None.

Dates: 1 Kythorn 1358 DR – 2 Kythorn 1358 DR

  • Hoary Halfwell, Cristoph Ryemark, and five of Ryemark’s sailors are imprisoned in an underground cell in Darkharbor after being captured at sea by the Zhentilar captain Damon Adder.
  • Hoary learns that Damon Adder plans on selling them into slavery to a nearby Drow chieftain.
  • Hoary kills a poisonous small spider creating confusion drawing 2 Zhentilar pirates.
  • Hoary and Cristoph kill the 2 pirates and escape out of the dungeon.
  • Hoary and Cristoph are hit by poisoned darts as they escape Darkharbor on a rowboat and are pursued by 6 of Damon Adder’s men.
  • A large storm at sea capsizes their ship and Cristoph Ryemark drowns.
  • Hoary nearly drowns himself and is washed to shore near Stormclaw Bay with waterlung.
  • Aldus tells Lucius before he leaves Stormclaw Bay that he is leaving the Temple to Valkur to Lucius. Also he tells Lucius that “When the great storm comes, it shall bring with it a feast for the crabs.”
  • In prayer, Lucius has a vision of his wife on a boat floating towards him and crying out for help. She collapses with a dart in her arm.
  • Lucius makes preparations for a storm and sets watch at the shore. That night, a terrible storm rises from the north.
  • During the storm Lucius sees several broken bodies with Zhentilar garb being torn apart against a rocky patch of shore.
  • Lucius is attacked by numerous poisonous Stormclaw Crabs and climbs slippery rocks to arrive at the scene.
  • Lucius rescues the only potential survivor: Hoary Halfwell. Performs first aid, heals his wounds, and feeds him Stormclaw Stew.
  • Little Thom (a rescued blacksmith) strikes the manacles off Hoary.
  • Lucius and Hoary speak together about their past.
  • The storm makes landfall and begins destroying the shoddily built Temple of Valkur.
  • Lucius and Hoary set out to help the refugees reach the safety of Immurk’s Hold by way of the jungle.

Rumors Gathered

  • Dark dealings at Darkharbor
    – Damon Adder is selling slaves to the drow from Darkharbor.
  • The Summer Storm
    – Many seers have predicted that a great Summer Storm is coming.


Aye, ’twas a good session, says I.

Session 1

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