High Seas and Fallen Stars


13th of Tarsakh, 1346

  • Man-at-crossroads: “Greetings traveler. Though with the rain it seems not be the best time on the road.”
  • Traveler: "… I.. I thought…:
  • Man-at-crossroads: "Sorry to disappoint, but believe it or not I actually prefer these dung-caked boots and this soaking cloak.
  • Traveler: “Your choice.”
  • Man-at-crossroads: “Quite. But I doubt you came all this way to stand in the Bitch Queen’s piss to talk to me about attire. You’re shouting out for a… deal”
  • Traveler: “Yes. I… I want.”
  • Man-at-crossroads: "You want to be truly free. To be the invincible captain of the Inner Sea’s greatest ship. Immurk born again. Glory, fame, riches… The kind of man whom wenches fight over and Princes wish to be. All of that and one more thing… vengeance.
  • Traveler: "…yes. How did you know?
  • Man-at-crossroads: “Lucky guess.”
  • Traveler: “So you’ll make me that then? For the rest of my life?”
  • Man-at-crossroads: “Oh let’s not jump ahead of ourselves here. We’re just getting to my favorite part. The numbers.”
  • Traveler: But you’d have it! My soul! Surely that should be enough.
  • Man-at-crossroads: "You’re past two-tens now my friend; your life could be three-tens or more longer still. The standard price is six. A… devil’s number.
  • Traveler: “Six years? Never, I’ll walk away now and live in this rainy shithole of a village for the next three-tens then.”
  • Man-at-crossroads: "Oh come now, don’t get discouraged over a little… negotiation. How about seven then? A lucky number! Anyone would agree.
  • Traveler: “… Two-tens.”
  • Man-at-crossroads: “There it is. But still too high. How about nine?”
  • Traveler: “Five and ten.”
  • Man-at-crossroads: “Ohhh, I’m starting to like this. Ten and one.”
  • Traveler: “Ten and four.”
  • Man-at-crossroads: "Ten and three. A sweet offer indeed. I don’t recall the last one of these I’ve made for ten and three.

The direction of the heavy rain continues to shift in the wind, pattering into the already saturated mud.

  • Man-at-crossroads: “It is my last offer.”
  • Traveler: “Ten and three?”
  • Man-at-crossroads: “Ten and three years to be the greatest warrior on the Inner Sea, master and commander of your own ship, and glory, fame, riches, and most of all… vengeance. All for the price of your soul.”
  • Traveler: “Ten and three.”
  • Man-at-crossroads: “Ten and three.”



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